We did get out today to run the errands that the hubby needed to run – Another trip to an electronics store to get wire for a project he’s working on with a fellow train nut.  We didn’t get going as early as we had originally planned so instead of running the errand then coming home for lunch,  we ate a late breakfast/early lunch then headed out.  After we were finished with the electronic store, it was off to a doctors appointment for a screening for a colonoscopy.  I’ll have to safe that for a later blog post, but let’s just say I’m not looking forward to the whole colonoscopy thing.

When I texted to confirm my son’s appointment today  I found out it was showing, by the other person, to be scheduled for next week.  So no appointment today  Instead we picked him up and headed off to do some shopping then headed home.

Yep another busy/crazy day.  And to tell you the truth, I’m getting tired of all this running around every day.  Can I just stay home a day and not do anything???  Guess not – tomorrow it’s off to (try) to deliver applications to a high school or two