I’ve already missed one day – Tuesday, which was a positively nutty day and yesterday really wasn’t much better.  So here I am doing a post now with the idea of doing another later to at least somewhat catch up.

Yesterday, our son ended up staying home again as his cough & sniffles were worse than they had been on Monday.  I had to go out to check on my “Facial Boxes”  and while I was out I stopped by my son’s school to get his homework.  In the afternoon, me and The Hubby went out to run a couple errands after which he dropped me off at my MaryKay meeting (which was absolutely AWESOME – The meeting that is…  You’ll have to check out the post on my personal blog from yesterday:  “Sorry I missed Yesterday“)

As for yesterday…  What did I do yesterday????  Can’t recall that we went anywhere specifically.  What did I do???…… Oh Yeah….  Spent the better part of the day trying to figure out why our checkbook wasn’t balancing….   Turned out  I had entered a withdrawal two times – Well that would explain why the bank was showing we had more money than our register was.  Most of the rest of the day was spent with family related small projects & discussions.  Oh, and a bike ride to drop my son’s computer off at Gramma’s and to do lunch as well.

Today’s plans??  Suppose to be running an errand (possibly) this morning/early afternoon,  A doctor’s appointment for the hubby,  Another appointment for the son, and some other errands this afternoon in the midst of appointments.

The Wife