In reality I probably should have posted the blog I just did for Jottings and Writings (for the Weekend Coffee Share) over here as it did relate to the family….  Ohh well, Life Happens and so do mistakes.  One thing I didn’t mention over there is the fact that my son is outgrowing his current bike and is looking to get another one.  We are currently trying to sell his bike.  So far there has been 2 interested  parties.  One of the parties looked at the bike and decided “no”  Another, which was actually the first party to contact me, is going to be stopping by tomorrow.

Another thing done this week was a screening for my husband for a colonoscopy scheduled for mid November.  To say I am not looking forward to this is an understatement.  We had this same experience several years ago which necessitated several clean-ups.  I don’t expect this time around to go any better than the last.  What I should probably explain is that due to a spinal cord injury my husband does not have adequate control of his bowels.  Under normal conditions he does have enough control to make it to the bathroom but when his body says “go”  he must heed that warning right away (though at other times the body will put out signs that he needs to go and yet the body is not ready).   The problem with the preparation process for the colonoscopy is that once his body begins the process of emptying there will be little to no warning for him.