I can’t really think of anything to write about for this post.  I even took a look at what photo challenges  I might have saved but there was nothing there save one from Jennifer Nichole    (Pick Your Own) and another from Cee N Photography (Fun Foto Challenge – Anything Painted).  But I don’t have anything readily available to use for either of those photo challenges.

Tomorrow and Friday looks to be busy days…  Tomorrow  I am suppose to have a booking (for a Mary Kay pampering session) here at the house at 10am.  Before that I have to make a run to the store to do shopping for dinner tomorrow evening and to the pharmacy to pick up meds.  Then I am to meet my step mom at Butterfly Boutique (second hand clothing store) to volunteer from noon to 3pm then I pick up my son, get him home and hurry down to another lady’s house for another pampering session at 4pm….. Phew,  I’m gonna be flying that day.

Friday  I am suppose to be working at Butterfly Boutique myself (thus the reason for my going Thursday to work with step-mom, so I can be trained some more).  The Hubby also has a Physical Therapy appointment friday morning, but it looks like he’ll be able to take the bus to and from that (Thank goodness for cooler weathers).   Again, I’ll pick up my son around 3pm and head home in time to be getting ready for Shabbat….  Ohhh and Saturday is services at 9:30am