Today  was a day of rest for our family.  The Papa and son went to services this morning.  I ended up staying home.  I found myself feeling slightly short of breathe and my neck, shoulders, and back were exceedingly tight and were very likely having an effect on my breathing.  Pain in the shoulders and hips on the right side did little to help me.   So off papa and son went without me.

Shortly after they arrived home,  the son’s grandma stopped by to pick him up (on her way home from an officiating event) and take him to her house.  It was not long after our son was picked up that the papa lay down to take a nap.   It’s been a quiet afternoon/evening.  I’ve been watching Air Crash Investigation,  The papa has been sleeping, and the son is over at grandma’s doing what ever he’s been doing – most likely watching TV  or playing on his tablet there.