And by “fun” let me assure you we mean that in the most sarcastic way possible…

You see, the hubby has been scheduled for a colonoscopy tomorrow. And that means cleaning out the gut.  Not exactly the pleasantest of experiences under normal circumstances, and for the hubby it definitely isn’t a “normal circumstance” – You see, where most of us would be like “gotta go (to the bathroom)” with hubby it’s more like “gotta g….never mind, went”.  Due to a spinal cord injury there is little to no warning between the feeling of needing to go and actually going, especially when it comes to diarrhea.  Last time he had such a procedure done (several years ago) there was lots of clean up involved, which ended up including a carpet cleaner (no carpet in this house so we’re good there).

The good news (if there is one) – the new system of prep is done over a day and a half, and is supposed to be gentler.