Let me see….  Did I even share virtual coffee with you all last week?…. Hmmm, it appears I did not.  Well pull up a seat and I’ll tell you thehappenings here.   I’ve still got a single cup brew and a choice of a blend of regulat dark coffee (Sumatra & French Roast), and some Super Dark.  

So last week, on wednesday, the hubby had a colonoscopy.  The prep actually started on monday evening with the taking of 2 ducolax tablets and, a little later that same evening, the drinking of a 10oz bottle of magnesium citrate.  Starting at the time im which the ducolax was taken he was on a liquid diet until 6 hrs prior to procedure, at which point he was NPO.  The real fun began on tuesday night at which point something called “Go-Lytly” (something like that).  For the 1-1/2 hrs that it takes to drink the alotted dosage (according to instruction) plus some time after, the hubby literally sat on the pot the entire time.  This same procedure was repeated again the following morning (the day of the procedure) at about 4 am.

One thing I should mention is that the hubby has a spinal cord injury….  One of the complications there of is that when it comes to loose stools, there is little to no warning between the “urge to go” and “never mind, ‘code brown'” – thus the reason for being on the pot for 2 hours at a whack while he took the prescribed laxative (and even then there were some minor accidents).  Another issue, in relation to sitting on the pot for extended periods of time is that where most of us have a gluteus maximus we jokingly say he has a gluteus minimus, so there’s very little padding back there.  Plus holding himself upright on the toilet takes a lot of effort.

The good news is everything appears good.  No polyps, No cancers.  Looks like we’re good for ten years at which point it is recommended we do this again……. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

So what was the highlight of your week?  What happenned? How’d your week go?

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