To say it’s been hectic around here the past couple days could be considered an understatement.  Wednesday was spent doing some housecleaning and preliminary prep for our Shabbat/Thanksgiving dinner on Friday.  Thursday morning, we made (and when I say we, I really mean I – The Wife) pumpkin pie and lemon meringue pie for a family get together that day.  The lemon pie part turned out pretty good, but the meringue portion, not so much – I think I over whipped the eggs (LOL).  On Friday we spent a good portion of the day cooking and getting ready for our Shabbat/Thanksgiving dinner.  We were suppose to have 2 guests over but one had to cancel due to sickness.  The other doesn’t hardly eat anything so we made all this food and ended up with a bunch of left overs….  Que “Thanksgiving Left-Over Pie”   In fact we’re heating some up right now for dinner, and there’s going to be Pumpkin Pie for dessert along with some hot tea for anyone who wants to join.

Ohhhh and in the midst of the prepping and cleaning and all that…  I have also been hosting my Debut Party as a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant on Facebook….  Yep, it’s been nuts around here.


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