Hey, Hi there.   Come pull up a chair and join us for some coffee.  I’ve got some Dark Sumatra &  Dark French Roast mix  and the hubby has some Super Dark available.  Sorry  no flavored creamers in the house, but I do have some half & half  and some “stevia”  (which wasn’t at all what we had intended – turns out what we bought was a blend, not pure stevia).   I guess you could say we are on a diet in which we are cutting out much of our sugars & carbs…  Proteins, veges (mostly green leafy types), and fats are all okay but starches, carbs, sweets, sugars are on the “no” list….  I’m noticing two things about said “diet” —  number one, the foods on the “okay” list tend to be on the more expensive side (ever notice that things like beans, potatoes, rice, noodles – the things that are high in starch & pure carbs – are cheaper to buy than things that are good for you like greens, proteins, dairy, etc) but I digress.  number two,  ever since we started on this new “diet” we aren’t really feeling satisfied at all.  Which means that we’re wanting to eat more which leads us back to number one – the cost…  ARRRGGHHH…. Trying to do this on a $350 a month food budget (with three people – one a growing teenager)  is quite a task.  One thing we have decided on was that a purely NO CARB diet  isn’t really practical, but we are cutting out (for now) all of the potatoes, beans, rice, noodles, and bread items (including crackers) – with the exception of Shabbat where we will use the above with moderation.  Sweets remain a NO-NO…  Ohhh, and I forgot to mention fruit – NO FRUIT).

In other “family” news…  The pappa was getting some pretty bad headaches that we haven’t been able to pinpoint the reason.  My original thought was that it was sinus related and that he might have a sinus infection (he’s prone to sinus problems and infections).  He called the doctor and told her what was going on  and she also thought it sounded liked a sinus infection (though at the time we hadn’t told her my thoughts).   She put him on some medication to combat the infection but it didn’t help the headaches any.  We ended up taking the pappa to the ER because the headaches were just getting to bad and becoming unbearable.  They did a regular CT scan (but not a contrast) but found nothing – nor did any of the test reveal anything that might explain his headaches.

At the follow up with hubby’s regular doctor, she noticed something and asked him to do a few routine little “tests”…  It seems that she was concerned that he could have had another TIA or a mini-stroke.  I couldn’t tell if she ruled that out but nothing more was said.  It does seem that the headaches have gone down  in frequency and intensity  but I think he still gets them from time to time.  Another thing the pappa has been noticing is that his vision is much worse that before – He says he “can’t see shit anymore”.

The Son  went off on a road trip to Yuma, Arizona (and a side trip to Mexico) with Grandma about a week ago.   I think he had a good time.  The thought that crossed my mind as they were heading off on there adventure was that it wouldn’t be too much longer before  my son  could/would be helping with the driving…  But let’s not get ahead of ourselves shall we.

As for me,  you can read about some of what’s been going on over on my Jottings and Writings blog.

Well,  I should probably say goodbye to you all and thank you for joining us.  I’m going to read a few Weekend Coffee Share posts  and then I’ve got some things here to work on.

The Mamma