Well hello there everyone :-).  Looks like it’s just you and me for this week’s Weekend Coffee Share hosted by Diane from Part Time Monster.  The Pappa is in bed at the moment, trying to get warmed up and The Son is off with grandma.  I believe they’re off to do a bit of shopping, partly for the upcoming Winter Camp with his Scout Troop.  I am sitting here enjoying another cup of coffee as I write and thinking of some of the things I need to try and accomplish today.

Can you believe my son is working towards his “Star” rank??  I can’t.  It’s slow go  the requirements are quite a bit more involved and difficult than the 1st & 2nd class ranks were.  At the level of Star, they go from “learning to be a scout” to “learning to be a leader” &  “learning to take charge” and how to do so in appropriate respectful manner.  We’ve been working with our son on that one.  Trying to “teach” (well maybe not teach, but I can’t think of a better word off-hand) that he does have the right to speak up for himself when someone tells him to do something and he has legitimate information that might contraindicate that, that when he sees another scout (for example) doing something in appropriate he can speak up and tell them that “that’s not how we act as a scout”, that in an Emergency when an adult of someone of higher authority or experience is not around he can take charge of the situation until an appropriate person is there to take charge (ie adult) – He has had first aid training and Emergency Preparedness.

I can tell you that last week the “pappa” had 2 Physical Therapy appointment, and that my son went to tutoring twice this last week.   This week there’s only one tutoring  session.  The tutor isn’t available on one of the “usual” days and Monday (which is the other day we could have used) is actually a holiday this week – so no school.

I can tell you that my breakfast is getting cold because I’ve been ignoring it despite the fact that it is sitting here right next to me.

I can tell you that I hope you all have a blessed and Wonderful week and that I look forward to meeting you all again next week for more Coffee Share.

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