What’s been going on around here?  A sick house, that’s what.  Thankfully it hasn’t been all of us down all that the same time.  The pappa has had a bit of cold (mostly in the form of bad  congestion).  It was really giving him trouble for a few days there.  It appears he is getting better but is still having trouble with being congested and with feeling like his head is filled with cotton.

Now that the pappa is on the mend, I’m all congested and feeling like my head is filled with cotton. (the post on my personal blog, jottings and writings, gives a bit more detail on my experience with this cold).

Even our son has had a bit of a cough and has mentioned feeling a bit congested.  I suspect there was a bit of a fever going on, Friday, as well.  He was suppose to go to Winter Camp this weekend but we had to cancel him going at the last minute as we just  couldn’t take the chance of him getting up there, out in the elements, and getting worse.  It wouldn’t be fair to him or to the others there.  Not to mention the fact that likely someone would have had to go get him or, at the very least, met someone from the camp site part way.  So far he seems relatively okay with just a bit of congestion and cough.

I think there is something going around in the area as I have talked to a couple other friends and such in the area who have also been down with a cold.  The good news is that it should run it’s course and all will be back to normal.

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