Everyone seems to be feeling much better after the cold (?) we had going around here last week.  I’m thinking it’s safe to come around for this week’s Coffee Share (hosted by Diane from Part Time Monster) and join me for a cup of coffee or Tea (or whatever it is you desire).   At the moment it is just myself.

Myself, The Wife, just finished my first cup of the coffee of the day.  Generally I go for two – that seems to be what I do best with.  Sometimes I’ll do three but generally I find that doesn’t work well for me.  I am waiting on my second cup so I have it to drink while I do my “Coffee Chat” on periscope (which I need to do as soon as I finish this and get myself (at least halfway) dressed.

As for the rest of the family….  Well, the son is over at grandma’s again and the hubby is still asleep…  And our cat, Meekah is staring at the door to my office wanting out (ooops, didn’t realize the door was closed and she was stuck in here)

Why isn’t the door opening??



Let me just take care of that real quick….  Okay that’s done, though I have a feeling what she really wants is to be let outside – Not quite yet Meekah, not until it’s a bit light out.Really, it’s been a rather quiet week for us, not much going on worth posting about.  Our son has a Science Fair project due later this week.  His project has to do with the take off times of different airplanes.  If I understand, his hypothesis has to do with the idea that the heavier airplanes would need more time to take off (therefore need more runway).  I was looking at his conclusion, briefly, the other day and I seem to recall that it said he was unable to support his hypothesis —  Really, I would need to take a look at it again to be absolutely certain what it said.  He’s basically got everything done and it is now a matter of looking at his work and fine-tuning everything as well as getting a poster board so he can get started on the display board portion of the project.  I believe the Science Fair, itself, where his project will be displayed along with the rest of the class takes place the first part of next week.

As for the The Pappa, he has a phone appointment with Social Security coming up tomorrow in order to discuss and get questions answered regarding Social Security, Retirement and how it all effects us in relation to him being on disability and how myself and our son will be affected.  We are also going to look at how everything affects me as I, eventually, reach retirement age.  I know it’s technically a few years before even The Pappa reaches retirement as he is just now 55 (only enough to be eligible for senior discounts at many stores) but in a way he is already “retired” due to being disabled from a Spinal Cord Injury).  For me, I have no such disability and am many years off from retirement.  as it turns out, The Pappa also has a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon with his cardiologist.  It’s just a routine visit, nothing major – just making sure everything is going okay and that the meds are working as they should be.

Well that’s what’s going on here….  How about you all?  What’s going on your way?