Time for another Weekend Coffee Share.  Having to keep this relatively short since my computer is down and I’m stuck using my phone to do these.

Right now, the hubby is cooking chicken.  We’re having chicken and mixed greens for lunch – not sure what else we’re having.  There’s ice tea and water available.  We can also make hot tea (there are several varieties in the house) and coffee if you so choose.

After lunch, it’s off to Fry’s to do some shopping.

Our son is, again, at grandmas.  Theoretically, he’s going to be putting out his “golfball business” and selling candy bars for his scout troop fundraiser.

I should mention, for those who saw last week’s post about the science fair project, that the project was finished and turned in… Now we’re waiting to see how he did.  The actual fair where the projects will be showcased is this coming Tuesday.

I think that’s about the most of it. Tell us about your week, how has it been? Any big or exciting plans next week? Whatever you’re doing, we wish you a wonderful week.