{note: one of the “medias” I was uploading was refusing to finish so I had to cancel}

Yeah I know, it’s monday and weekend coffee shares are meant to be on, well, weekends.  I had originally planned on doing this last night (right after dinner).  Obviously that didn’t happen.  Instead I got into doing other things and then I was too tired – hey 4:30 – 5:00 comes early…

Okay well enough on the excuses.   I’m actually just waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee in my monday mega cup 

We have a single serve coffee maker, so I can make you all coffee to order.

As I’m enjoying my coffee, I have Meekah in the chair next to me 

And the hubby/pappa is also in here on his computer


At the moment our son is still snoozing.

I am being told I should get started on breakfast…. Guess I should get on that.  Our son should be getting up shortly for school.

Later folks and have a blessed and awrsome day….  Ohhh,  and don’t forget to check out the weekend coffee share hosted by Diane of Part-Time Monster