Barely squeaking in to the Weekend Coffee Share.., and this time of day we’d be more likely to go with a cup of tea (cold or hot) or perhaps (rarely) a bit of whisky if we happen to have any on hand – which, as it turns out, we do…  That and a bottle of wine. The whiskey we’ve had atound for a while.  The wine was bought specifically for our passover seder.

A short language lesson – the word pesach doesn’t actually mean or translate to “passover”. It actually had to do with being immovable, standing guard, to hold your ground even unto death.  

Pretty powerful stuff.

So now begins a week of no leavening….  And would’t you know there’s nothing our son can eat at school except the salad bar.  At least he can have that, so he’ll be okay.

Well I’m sure you’re all ready to settle in for the night (or your getting started on your day) so I’ll bid you well