“Your Autism isn’t an excuse” – This is something we tell our son from time to time, and try to teach him….  

Before you go off on me for being uncaring and insensitive….  Let me explain.  Our son, as we suspect is the case with me, is very high functioning.  In fact you might not even notice, especially at first.   When people think Autism, they often think sitting in the corner rocking or the need forba strict – unflexible – schedule. They think of the movie “rain man”.  But not all autistic or aspergers kids have those kind of obvious characteristics.

While I think it’s important for people to have a general awareness and understanding of autism, I feel that it’s equally important that my son learn proper behaviors & ettiquette.  It’s important for him to learn that certain behaviors or talking about things in an inappropriate setting is not only, well, inappropriate…but can also cause major problems.  He needs to understand, especially as he gets older, that if he has a meltdown in public people are not going to think “autism” – they’re going to be concerned for their safety (and maybe those around them).   I also think it’s important that he learn the ability of self advocation & coping skills as he goes through High School and eventually college & career.