I’ve decided to move, starting today, my Weekly Smile posts over here to my Life Happens at the Carrs blog.  

So what did I have, or rather we – as this is the family blog, have to smile about.  Well I can tell you my son took one of his unit(?) quizzes for math through BYU (Bringham Young Univercity) and got a 90+% on it.   I should offer a bit of explanation about him doing BYU. Due to circumstances that I won’t get into, he is doing online schooling with IEP support being done through the charter school he was going attending.  The online schooling is going quite well for him.  He’s been motivated to get on the computer and get to work.  Only thing we have to watch out for is that he doesn’t rush through and try to do half a years worth of school work in a month or less and that he is #1 actually learning something (not just rote memorization) & #2 that he is doing well on his quizzes/tests.

Another smile – I went to a Mary Kay unit meeting yesterday.  This particular one was mainly a skincare class for guests followed by recognitions and such.  I am told that they usually have a training session but that this particular week was done differently.  Even with the skincare class instead of “training” I learned something.  I also won a cute little bag for Miss Mary Kay image.

So that’s what we’ve had to smile about this week.  I wish you all a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful weekend.