We’ve missed some Weekly Smiles around here.

So what’s been going on around here?  What do we have to smile about…Welll…. Hmmmm….With lives as boring (or seemingly boring) as ours are, there really isn’t much for me to mention.  Life generally just seems to just, well, happen…

The son has pretty well completed both his physics and history courses for the year (as you will recall he is doing his classes through Bringham Young University (as I wrote about here). He now has a copy of the book he needed for english and is making progress there.

I’ll be doing my 3rd Mary Kay Party party this month on Facebook.  A bit of a “Frown”,  the last party did not go as well as I might hope – it seemed to lack luster (it happens sometimes) – but I’m ready to jump in and and go again with my next party and am looking forward to it.  Plus,  I’ll be hosting a Pampered Chef party for a friend (also on Facebook).    Who’s excited?  This Girl (The Wife)…Party Time!!!

So now, The Hubby –   It may seem ironical that I would mention this as a “smile” but The Hubby is due to be getting cataract surgery  before too long.  The good news is that cataract surgeries, these days, are a fairly simple & easy procedure done in the doctors office in just a few minutes and the results will (or should) allow his to see things more clearly.

Pretty sure Meekah is smiling about resting in her favorite chair. She seems to get out of sorts when the chair is not in it’s usual locale

So there are our Smiles for this last week.  Wishing you all a blessed week filled with many smiles.