As we head into spring/summer and the growth of plant life, not to mention weeds, I am reminded of a story that took place back about the time we first moved here (or at least within the 1st year or so).

Apparently some guy decided that using a flame-thrower would be an great idea for ridding his yard of unwanted weeds.  Unfortunately, he obviously did not use proper safety protocol in executing this method of weed riddance resulting in a fire that ended up destroying (or, at the very least, badly damaging) his home….  Let’s see, dry/hot weather, fire watches & warnings in effect, a fire source (ie flame-thrower) all thrown together into the mix – Yep, we’ve got a recipe or fire and recipe for disaster…  Can we say FAIL!!

Personally, I would advice against using a flame-thrower (or other fire related methods) as a method of weed riddance but some would argue that using such methods are perfectly fine if done properly (I still have my doubts).  At the very least, if you are one of those who feels that using fire to rid your yard of wanted weeds is perfectly fine and safe, make sure you are doing so safely…

First, make sure there are no active warnings or watches in your area.

Second, be sure you have a proper water source immediately and readily available to you (that doesn’t mean the hose that is coiled up on the other side of the yard)

Third, closely monitor said fire at all times (this means staying outside with it so long as the fire is burning or is at all hot)

Four, and this is probably by far one of the most important, watch where you are setting fire (setting weeds on fire that are in close proximity to your house or other builings is not the best of ideas).  

Keep in mind that things like small sticks and dead plantlife in the ground can quickly catchfire causing a fire to quickly spread from the area intended.  Better yet, how about other (more safer) methods of weed removal.

Have a fun and safe spring & summer