It seems hard, sometimes, to think of what made us smile this, and it doesn’t help that The Hubby isn’t into blogging or other Social Media stuff and The Son… Well let’s just say (almost) typical teenage boy mixed with aspergers….  yeah not really going to get much help from him on what made him smile this last week.  I could wager a guess however with him (would be same pretty much week after week) – watching you-tube videos and playing Minecraft.  He’s actually been working on a minecraft video for you tube.

The Hubby continues to work with his friend on model railroad stuff.  On another note, sadly, we’re not sure how the cataract surgery thing is going to go…  It’s looking as if the insurance he’s got is going to be dropping the doctor who would be doing the surgery…  Infact, they are going to be dropping a whole system, so he’s either going to have to switch insurance (if that’s possilble) or get new doctors 😔…  But this is suppose to be about smiles 😀 so let’s see what else there is….

I’m smiling about the Mary Kay Facebook party I’ve got being hosted as well as hosting a Pampered Chef party next Sunday… And I’m going to be hosting a Jewel-Scent party sometime in May.  Ohhh yes, can’t forget the ride-alongs I’m working on getting scheduled (should hear about one of them sometime this week) -That’s something to smile about.

Well that’s about it for this week.  Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed week with many smiles.

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