What do I know about Autism and Aspergers?  Well I can tell you I’ve got a son with Aspergers (technically he’s on the Autism spectrum), that I have friends with Autistic children,  That I follow a couple of blogs written by parents of Autistic Kids…  And then I would tell you that I really don’t know a darn thing.  

…Note:  These are my thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences….

It isn’t because I don’t have a fancy degree or a bunch of letters after my name.  It’s because every child, every person, every situation is different.  No two people with Autism or Aspergers are the same. Each one is different with their own set of triggers (things that may cause a melt down or disruption to the process of getting done whatever needs to get done), their own nuances, their own sets of social awkwardness.  I’m sure we could continue on with a list a mile long.

For some, something as simple as a sock or a helmet or a backpack not fitting exactly right can cause a mealtdown or at least a disruption to the flow of gettingdressed and ready to go.  Others may have other triggers that cause mealtdowns or trip them up.

Dealing with the nuances of Autism is like being on a roller coaster…  There’s going to be constant ups and downs.  You may think you have a certain type of situation figured out or dealt with only to have it pop back up at a later point.  With children, you’re going to have new situations pop up as the child grows and develops.

Here are couple good  blogs (written by parents of kids who have Autims and Aspergers) that have good information and insight:

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Some Resources:

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