Well it looks as if my son is well on his way to earning his Star Rank at the upcoming Cout of Honor.  He had his Scout Master Conference last Tuesday and should do his Board of Review in a couple days.  He has also completed his Finals for History, Art and Physics, and has received a B+ and an A- respectively…Physics is, as of yet, unknown.  He seems to be holding with an A in math (but this is due to the fact that he is receiving quite a bit of tutoring.

I got my requests in to do another ridealong with the local sheriffs department as well as a nearby police department and recently did another ridealong with the our local fire department and am awaiting word back on a little write-up I did (waiting to make sure everything is correct before I publish it on my Public Safety Tidbits blog).  I’m also still waiting word from another fire department, but so far nothing.

The husband is still having trouble seeing after his recent cataract surgery but the good news is that everything is progressing normally  – it’s just going to take time for the swelling (from surgery) to go down and things should get better each day.

I think Meekah simply smiles to have places to hide and sleep.