Good Morning to everyone.  Got coffee and breakfast – oatmeal.  I’m trying one that has different oats & grains, plus flax seed in it.  Not bad actually,  I put butter and some “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” in mine.

The hubby just went to bed, and the son is still in bed….  Miss Meekah (our kittycat) is out here with me, but she’s snoozing in her favorite spot in an office chair next to my usual living room chair.  I’m sititing here listening to KIIM-FM (99.5) – Country – on my phone.  What’s your favorite station to listen to?  What kind of station is it?  What kind of music?  Whenever my son is in the car with me, he takes over the radio tuning it to 92.9 or 94.1 both of which basically play “adult contemporary” – 94.9, more so that 92.9, does seem to play more of the music that I remember growing up with (or at least remember from my college years).

What’s been going with everyone since last week?  Not much of excitement happened around here.  Pretty much same thing as usual.  We did get the shelves put into our new bookshelves and got books put into the shelves

Pardon the ladder, and the mess on the table

Well, my coffee is pretty much gone and I’m looking at some paperwork I needto fill out for my son and a paper from last week that I need to go through and cut up…I use the puzzles and the “reader photos” to put in my letters for Soldiers Angels.  I also need to bake up a batch of cookies, or something, to ship as well.

Good Day to everyone.  Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week.  Make sure you stop on over to check out this week’s Tuesday Chatter.