Come, join the weekly smile with our wonderful host Trent.  It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just share what made you smile this last week (even the small things  are worth smiling and worth sharing.

Here’s our smiles for the week…

For starters,  I go in for my first volunteer gig with the Marana Police Department next Tuesday… That same day, I am also scheduled for my second ride along with Pima Sheriff (insert major smile here 😃).

Speaking of Marana PD, they are celebrating 40 years (starting in 1977).  At the time of t heir start, they were called Marana Marshal’s Office.  The police chief was known as the Marshal and officers known as deputy marshals or marshal’s deputies (I forget which it was).  Here is an article about their 40th anniversary and plans to don the original badges – Marana cops to don anniversary badges

I am burrowing the photo before from said article and take no credit for the picture.

Original Marana PD Badge from 1977

Right now I’m listening to the morning crew from KIIM-FM, with Max Shannon and Porkchop, and that always makes me smile.

Can’t really say what made the rest of the family smile this last week… Getting that kind of information from them can be a bit like pulling teeth – which does nothing for smiles, LOL 😂.

Hope you all have a blessed & wonderful day and remember to SMILE!!