*Honk Honk*…. Meanwhile back at the……

The Husband:  TC…  Has also been referred to as DaPenguin and Top Cat.   A “ferroequinologists – also known as a “train nut” – with his own blog over at SN42 Experience.  You’ll usually find him researching that which deals with trains (or railroad modeling).   If he isn’t dealing with train related stuff then he’s deep in torah study.

The Wife:  Tena  (that would be me – the one you’ll most likely find writing the blogs on here).  “Owner” of 2 other blogs Jottings and Writings and FES Tidbits.  Loves to Read, Write, and Blog, but her main interest/passion is related to the Fire Service and to EMS.

The Son: Samuel….  NickName: Sambo Rambo, Goober, and Sammy Sir.  Like any typical pre-teen/teen he loves to watch videos and play games on the computer.   Enjoys reading and studying about anything to do with science – especially chemistry and geology.   Ohhhh and he loves inventing  things – that mind of his is full of (interesting) ideas.

The Kitty:   To be more exact….  “MeekahKitty”.  Also known as the furry 4-legged alarm clock or furry, 4-legged meow beast.  A gentle, laid-back  Maine Coone mix adopted from the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.


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