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Well, first off, Good Morning Everyone.  Not quite light out yet but here’s a couple photos of the sunrise and sunset I captured yesterday:

Time for Tuesday Chatter (hosted by Eugenia over at Brew N Spew.  This week she’s on to the Electric 90’s…  By the 90’s I was on my way to college and when it came to music I preferred Country Music and Soft Rock Hits from the 70’s & 80 —  I still do.  Some of the music into the 90’s and beyond has been okay but I still like the oldies (guess I’m an old fogey/fuddy duddy like that 😜).

So, about my week…  I’ll try not to chatter on too much (I tend to get long-winded when I start typing)….

I believe, last week, I mentioned putting my son on an airplane to go visit grandpa; And I believe I said something about it being the first time that he’d be traveling alone as a “regular passenger”.  As expected, he did just fine both on the trip there and the trip home.  

There was only one minor glitch and it had nothing to do with how well our son did…   So Saturday, I arrive at the airport to pick up my son — Actually let me go back a bit to give you a little background info.  You see when we were getting the gate pass from the ticket agent so we could accompany our son down to the gate and assure he got on the plane okay, one of the things I had asked about was what we needed to do when it was time to pick up our son on the return trip (what we needed to do to get a gate pass).  She tells us that really all we would need is the confirmation of his flight and our I.D…. Ehhhhh Wrong!!!!  I get to the ticket counter on Saturday (the day my son arrived home) and the guy behind the counter is telling me he can’t give me a gate pass because I’m not in the reservation notes to be able to meet my son at the gate.   So now I have to stop, get out of line, call my father (son’s grandfather) so he can call the reservation line (since he was the one who made the reservations) and add my name so I can pick up my son.  Needless to say at this point I’m a bit on the stressed side.  Kind of Odd that we had no problems being able to take my son to the gate for his departure, and myfather has no problem meeting our son at the gate on the trip there nor does he have any problem accompanying him to the gate for the flight home, but someow I was having trouble this particular time -Hmmm…  I’ve got my suspicions but no way I could ever prove it.  Anyway, I get that taken care of and hurry over to the security line.  Not really a big deal there, except I was stopped so they could check the buttom of my pant leg.  It was really quick and no big deal but my first, initial, thought was “Now What”. Despite everything, I got to the gate in plenty of time to meet my son, who almost walked right passed me, as he got off the plane.  I even took this video of the plane coming up to the gate:

A good lesson….  If you are sending your older child (ie: teen) off to travel as a non-unaccompanied minor (which, btw, you can do starting at about age 15… Ohh, and btw, they can also purchase tickets around that age w/o parental approval) make sure your name and the name of whomever is picking them up on the other end is on the reservation notes.  Make sure you have all necessary documentation needed and above all double check information you receive, double check that there isn’t anything else needed (don’t trust the ticket agent to give you all the necessary info right up front.  Also, make sure you have a contingency plan, for your child and that they understand and are capable of following it —  Make sure they know what to do in the event you are unable to meet them at the gate.  We had gone over this with our son but I was still a little nerve-wracked about not meeting him since it was his first time flying in the manner.

Going to be a busy morning for me (The Wife). In about 20 minutes I’ll be joining a FB Live show (more accurately, I’ll be joining the chat/comments while watching the FB Live show).  After that, It’ll be time for me to kick off a FB Party I’m doing for the day, as well as post to another party I’m doing on Facebook…..Ohhh yeah, and there will probably be some shopping to do sometime today as food supply in the house is a bit on the low side; Though tomorrow is our big shopping day being the 1st Wednesday of the month.

So,  I better say Good-bye and sign off so I can get my next cup of coffee…  Wishign everyone a beautiful, wonderful, joy-filled, and blessed week.

The bad part of having multiple blogs (each has a different purpose. I’ll list my other blogs below) is remembering which blog to post which challenge reply to.  I almost posted this to the wrong blog good thing I double checked myself.

Sorry I missed last week.  Guess you could say that Life just happened, not that there was anything earth shattering or exciting just one of those weeks where there was a lot of little things going on.  One piece of good news.  We finally got the wiring in the attic done and got the speakers hung in the bedroom.  

Been joining in TucsonNewsNow on FB Live each morning and will be heading over to that here shortly.  Pretty cool to watch behind the scenes.  Pus, we don’t have a TV – or rather don’t have cable in which to watch TV so watching these guys on FB Live as well as following on Twitter & Facebook gives me a chance at seeing some of the news 😉.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday.  Don’t forget to head on over to our host Brew N Spew’s Tuesday Chatter.

Here’s the list of my other blogs, as promised:

I post my Weekend Coffee Share reply to Jottings and Writings and Tuesday Chatter (as you know) here on Life Happens

Weekly Smiles goes to Jottings and Writings and Threee Things Thursday goes here on Life Happens.  Sorry I don’t have all the links in yet – will get to that later.  Time for me to head over to TNN FB Live.  

And I’m out.  Have a great week all and I’ll catch you later. 

LOL, In my mind I know it’s July but for some reason I keep finding myself typing in June for the month instead of July.  I guess part of my mind doesn’t want to accept that it is July – though why I couldn’t tell you.

On to this week’s Three Things Thursday…. This gets kind of hard –  There’s four of us, if you count Miss Meekah Kitty,  and I don’t think I can come up with 3 smiles or “good news” per person..

Meekah was probably happy to be inside when the fireworks started up.  This photo isn’t one from Tuesday but is best one I could find that came close to showing how she was sitting (on the floor) when the fireworks did start. 

Course she wasn’t as relaxed as she is in this photo.  Her feet weren’t curled sideways under her but more straight under her and her ears were slightly back.  Thankfully the fireworks in neighborhood weren’t all that bad this year.

I’m sure she’s happy to have a full food bowl and water bowl.

An right now she looks very content in her favorite chair.

The Son is off at gramma’s, so can’t really ask him what he has to say. He does do belt testing in Martial Arts next week.  Don’t know how happy or excited he is (he’s not the kind of kid to get super excited about things).  He’s really come a long way in the performance of his Kata – Keshodone and his Kehones (drills), both of which he will need to do during the testing…  That and his defense move.

He’s also getting close to being able to take his final exam for algebra.  Looks like there’s one more unit quiz to take then the review for the final.

The plan is to the final for algebra (which is the last class he has to complete  from 9th grade) before he heads off to see grandpa.  This will be the first time he’ll be traveling alone but not as an “unaccompanied minor” – which means he’ll be responsible for himself and his stuff.  The good thing is that the flight is a straight flight – no stopovers, no changing of planes or anything like that.  The only minor concern is whether or not we will be able to go to the gate with him or whether or not grandpa will be able to meet him at the gate… As a parent there is always that concern when you send your kids off to do something for the first time, but I’m sure he’ll be/do fine.  After all. I had the same concerns about how he’d do when we sent him off to be a junior counselor for a month last summer. The report I got back (talking to several people who had worked with him) was that he did great.  I’m sure everything will work out just fine and that he’ll do great.

The Hubby — Oyyy, he’s even harder.  Just asked him if there was anything he could think for me to put down.  His answer – “Nahhh”. I can’t really come up with anything either….  Soit looks like there will be three people in which I come up with smiles/”goodnews” stuff.

As for me, well there’s the orders that I got shipped off yesterday.

I’m also expecting a small order from Pampered Chef – just a large scoop (for doing my muffins) and a pastry cutter/blender to replace the old piece of broken junk we currently have.  Should have it by the end of the week.

And lastly, there is fact that us and our family & friends are all safe.  Didn’t really expect any less but you know how crazy the Fourth of July can get.  Seems that people see it as a time to be crazy and a bit (sometimes more than a bit) stupid and careless.  I hope the same is true for all of you and yours.

See you next Thursday…  Till then, wishing you a blessed, good, and safe weekend and into next week.

I was looking through my emails from both this morning and yesterady to find the one for Eugenia’s Tuesday Chatter so I could link to it here, but couldn’t find it anywhere.  Went to her wordpress site BrewNSpew and looked at last week to see if there was any mention of taking a break this week (I mean it is Indpendence Day so I don’t know)… Nothing mentioned.  Just checked my emails again – nope, still nothing there.  Well that’s just weird.  Did I miss something somehow?  Well anyway, here’s the link to last week’s Tuesday Chatter….  And here’s mine.

The Son will be doing belt testing next week in Martial Arts.  He’s actually coming a long ways with his Kata.  It isn’t perfect and still needs a lot of polishing but he’s a lot smoother at it.  He needs to work on his Kehones (punches & kicks) and tighten those up a bit but he’s improving leaps & bounds thee.  Another thing he’ll be tested on is his “defense move” which he’ll need to explain as he does it.  There’s some other things that he’ll be tested on but that is what comes to mind right now.

Can’t really think of much else to chatter about right now…  I did get my bulk order from Mary Kay and started putting together orders for clients.  I did get one delivered yesteday and another will be done today.  The others will be shipped out tomorrow.   I don’t have them all packaged up yet but here’s the orders so far.

The best part is putting the orders together into a neat pretty package with a littel something extra for my clients.

Well,  I’d say that’s about the end of my chatterring for this week…  But what about The Hubbby, you ask?!? –  I’m afraid there isn’t much to say this time around.  I mentioned the eye surgery (cataract surgery to be specific) in other posts, did I not??  Other than that, not a lot new with him, other than the 130 something over 50 somethign bloodpressure he had yesterday (he had taken it because he was feeling a bit light headed and loopy…  By the way, he’s find now.  We determined that the problem was the acetone in the nail polish remover used to do some cleaning.  After our son had finished using it he had set in his bathroom which is near the living room and failed to put the lid back on…  Oyyyy!

Ok,  now that’s the end of my Tuesday Chattering.  Wishing you all a wonderful and awesome week and a very safe and fun Fourth of July.

So here we are back at Thursday – Time for Three Things Thursday.  ⬅️ click on on the link to head over to our hosts TTT post for this week, just don’t forget to come back.

So now the hard part…  Three Things???  Having trouble coming up with three things, much less coming up with three things that made us smile this last week.

Let’s see there’s 3 merit badges my son earned while at sumer camp:

  1. Basketry
  2. Environmental Science
  3. Space Exploration

I know he took Basketry.  I think I have the other two correct.  That’s, also, not necessarily all that he took.

Three Careers that interest me:

  1. Crime Scene Investigation
  2. Journalism
  3. Something in Medicine (having a hard time deciding on a specific career to list.

Three Things to Smile about:

  1. Sunrises
  2. Coffee (LOL had to put that down as I drink the last of my morning coffee)
  3. Quiet Mornings

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful upcoming weekend.  Hope you have a fun 4th of July.  Please remember to Stay Safe, follow instructions and use all necessary cautions when using fire crackers.  Be sure to learn the laws in your area regarding there usage.  It is a bad year for many places (I know California, Arizona, New Mexico are high on this list) for Wild Fires so please be careful and make sure you are  setting up in a good safe area, and have plenty of water on hand….  OK,  done with my little safety speech.

See y’all next Thursday.  Till then I wish you all well.

Later today,  I’ll be going on a ridealong.  Was up last night making these to take with me for the officers.  The other reason I was staying up last night was because I’m riding with swing shift which goes till midnight.  It will be interesting, going with a different (larger) department and seeing how things work there.  

The Son is off at camp, hopefully having a good time.  I wonder what merit badge courses he ended up taking while there…  He was signed up for Basketry, Space Exploration and Canoeing.  They were going to see if they could change one or two of those since he’s already earned merit badges in canoeing and possibly space exploration.  Guess we’ll find out when he gets home on Saturday.

Can’t really think of anything to share about The Hubby and don’t know what it is that made him smile last week – Not exactly a question I can ask him without him looking at me cross eyed like I’m crazy and then rolling over and going back to sleep…  Not that it would be any better once he’s awake – then he’d just go back to his computer and whatever he’s looking up, reading, researching.  Far as I know there’s no major projects or anything going on.

Three Things Thursday was started by Emily over at Nerd In the Brain and is now being hosted by Natalie at There She Goes.  Come join the fun —  What are three things that made you smile?

Good Morning bloggy friends.  Just made up a fresh cup of coffee and can make up more to order (one serve coffee maker here).  You may find me with headphones in my ear listening to my favorite station via the phone app.  I promise I’ll remove them so I can listen to you but I do like my music.

Yesterday was a busy day for us here.  I was out the door at 8:30 in the morning for a meeting then back home by 10:30ish and back out the door at 11:00 for a 2 doctor appointments (one for hubby, one for son).  We made a couple stops on the way home.  Later in the evening was Martial Arts.  Today isn’t so bad just volunteering this morning and then Scouts in the evening.  The rest of the day is probably going to be odd projects around the house.

My ridealong with Pima Sheriff went well.  Can’t say that much happened – nothing of major excitement.  Most of the shift was pretty well routine stuff.  I’ll, perhaps, write something about it over on my Public Safety blog.  I also got the results back from my mammogram – normal.  The mammogram, itself, was no big deal (so, ladies,  if you’ve been putting off getting yours because your worried about how bad it will be – there you have it).  It was a bit of a deal for me only because of my short stature compared to the machine and trying to get everything set up properly to get a good picture….  Even then it was easy peasy and just like that done!

Saturday morning we picked up our Bountiful Baskets (click link to learn more about BB and find out if there in your area (think this is only in the U.S.)   If you go to information you can click on current location and go to your state to see what’s in your area.  The photo I took is terrible but here’s what our “basket” looked like {note:  a basket is made up of 2 – one vege, one fruit}

There are 6 items in each of the 2 smaller baskets…  This week we got Cauliflower, green Onions, small potatoes, Kale (I traded mine for another cauliflower), Romaine, Jicama (haven’t had jicama in a long time)..  For fruit we got, blackberries, tangerines, bananas, apples, limes, and lemondrop melon (which we used to make smoothies).  Each state/area is different and each week can be different but that gives you an idea.

Lastly, I want to invite you to join the Tuesday Chatter over at Brew N Spew and check out her Tuesday Chatter post this week she’s talking about 1983 (a great year for music).

With that said,  let me wish you all a wonderful and blessed week.  Catch you later.