*Honk Honk*…. Meanwhile back at the……

#TuesdayChatter – May 30, 2017

Purposely slept in this morning… Well the best I could any way.

I’m usually up between 4:30 and 5 in the morning, sometimes earlier depending on our Miss Meekah and what time she decides she wants to be fed and let out the door for her morning walk/patrol.  This morning  I managed to stay in bed till nearly 6am, though I was up at around 5am (forget the time) for a few mintues – Meekah, as you might guess – but I did manage to go back to bed for a little while.

So the reason I was sleeping in this morning, your wondering ?!?  This morning I’m going in for my first stint at volunteering.  I know what you’re thinking —  Why try to sleep in just because of some volunteering in the morning??  How long are you going to be at that any way??  Well you see, after a quick stop back home to shove some lunch down my face and so on, I head out to do another ridealong.  This one is a swing shift so it’s gonna be a late night.  I had tried a graveyard (called Mids Shift) once – let me tell you that takes it out of you if you’re not use to it (reminder to self – you’renot in your twenties any more, LOL).

At the moment, The Hubby is sitting at his computer reading some sci-fi type book (at least I think that is the genre).  Not sure how much longer he’s up for as he’s been up all night so I’m guessing not much…  The Son is, not surprisingly, still asleep.

The boys will be on their own for breakfast this morning.  I’m eating left-overs – A pasta and tomato sauce dish.  Can’t really call it a true casserole as it’s only made up of some Rigatoni, home made marinara sauce (tomatoe paste, water and spaghetti seasoning spices – mostly basil & oregano), and some ground beef.  That’s it. Anyway, that’s breakfast.  Not sure what the boys will be having but that’s their problem (sorry, but it is)…  Sounds like it’ll either be oatmeal, grits, eggs or a combination of those.

Well the coffee is gone and it’s nearly 7am – I should say “Good Day” to you all and get myself dressed and do whatever other morning things I need to do to get myself ready to go.  Don’t forget to head on over to our host Brew N Spew to see this week’s Tuesday Chatter (Each week, she shares some fun facts a given year – This week it’s 1982).  

Before I go, here’s Meekah in from her morning patrol and ready for her early morning nap (not to be confused with her mid or late morning nap).

#ThreeThingsThursday – March 25 (Where I’m Running Late)

Ohhh My Gosh —  Friday already?!?  How did I manage to skip a day in blogging and over look the Three Things Thursday challenge.

Sorry to say I haven’t been following the whole bombing in Manchester super closely but not for lack of caring and as Natalie says in her post (link above) it is hard to smile when things like that are happening.  

Speaking of smiles and blogging,  I am at a decision making point – There are two smile challenges that I do on this blog. Both the Three Things Thursday hosted by Natalie and the Weekly Smile hosted by Trent…  Originally I was doing the weekly smile on my personal blog Jottings and Writings but then I moved it over here as I felt I needed a way to have more content.  Now I’m wondering if I should move it back or if I should move this one over there…. Uggghhhh Decisions, Decisions.

That being said,  3 things for this week:

1) Cataract surgery for the Husband’s second eye has been approved and has been scheduled for July.

2). I am going in for my first volunteer gig this next week….  And have a ridealong scheduled the same day – Going to be a busy day that one, LOL, but I’m looking forward.

3). The Son is plugging a way with his Math and is almost done with English.  We got him signed up for summer school at a new school that we’re looking at for next near.  It’s online based but at a physical school so there is the benifit of having teachers to help.  We actually looked at this school last year but were pushed into a different school because, well, Family 😕😒😑.  It’s looking like this new school may very well be a good fit for the son to continue his High School education….  That’s what the summer school is about – to see how he does and what he (and we) thinks.

Wishing everyone a Wonderful, Blessed, and Happy weekend.

#Weeklysmile #73

Come, join the weekly smile with our wonderful host Trent.  It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, just share what made you smile this last week (even the small things  are worth smiling and worth sharing.

Here’s our smiles for the week…

For starters,  I go in for my first volunteer gig with the Marana Police Department next Tuesday… That same day, I am also scheduled for my second ride along with Pima Sheriff (insert major smile here 😃).

Speaking of Marana PD, they are celebrating 40 years (starting in 1977).  At the time of t heir start, they were called Marana Marshal’s Office.  The police chief was known as the Marshal and officers known as deputy marshals or marshal’s deputies (I forget which it was).  Here is an article about their 40th anniversary and plans to don the original badges – Marana cops to don anniversary badges

I am burrowing the photo before from said article and take no credit for the picture.

Original Marana PD Badge from 1977

Right now I’m listening to the morning crew from KIIM-FM, with Max Shannon and Porkchop, and that always makes me smile.

Can’t really say what made the rest of the family smile this last week… Getting that kind of information from them can be a bit like pulling teeth – which does nothing for smiles, LOL 😂.

Hope you all have a blessed & wonderful day and remember to SMILE!!

#TuesdayChatter – May 23, 2017 Where we have bookshelves.

Good Morning to everyone.  Got coffee and breakfast – oatmeal.  I’m trying one that has different oats & grains, plus flax seed in it.  Not bad actually,  I put butter and some “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” in mine.

The hubby just went to bed, and the son is still in bed….  Miss Meekah (our kittycat) is out here with me, but she’s snoozing in her favorite spot in an office chair next to my usual living room chair.  I’m sititing here listening to KIIM-FM (99.5) – Country – on my phone.  What’s your favorite station to listen to?  What kind of station is it?  What kind of music?  Whenever my son is in the car with me, he takes over the radio tuning it to 92.9 or 94.1 both of which basically play “adult contemporary” – 94.9, more so that 92.9, does seem to play more of the music that I remember growing up with (or at least remember from my college years).

What’s been going with everyone since last week?  Not much of excitement happened around here.  Pretty much same thing as usual.  We did get the shelves put into our new bookshelves and got books put into the shelves

Pardon the ladder, and the mess on the table

Well, my coffee is pretty much gone and I’m looking at some paperwork I needto fill out for my son and a paper from last week that I need to go through and cut up…I use the puzzles and the “reader photos” to put in my letters for Soldiers Angels.  I also need to bake up a batch of cookies, or something, to ship as well.

Good Day to everyone.  Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week.  Make sure you stop on over to check out this week’s Tuesday Chatter.

#WeeklySmile (#72) and #ThreeThingsThursday

This week I’m combining both my WeeklySmile post and my #ThreeThingsThursday post into a single one.

I just turned on the KIIM-FM app on my phone so I could listen to 99.5 (my favorite radio station) while I type…  That and a nice warm cup of coffee is making a me a happy camper right now….  It’s almost time for my favorite DJs to come on Max, Shannon, and Porkchop.

It’s been a pretty typical week for us around here – tutoring, martial arts, scouts, along with usual shopping, errands, and doctor appointments.  I know those aren’t exactly smiles or nothing, but good thing is we’ve made it through everything with little to no problems. 

Monday was back to back doctor appointments for me and The Hubby.   He had a cardiology appointments and I had a “women’s” appointment across the parking lot from where hubby’s appt was.  “Women’s” appt…. yeah that un-fun appt – for guys, I guess an equivalent un-fun would be the prostate exam.  Nothing, I understand, like having doc put on a glove and say drop your pants and bend over.  Anyway, the good thing is that, for me, that appointment is over and done with until next year.

Don’t know exactly what happened at hubby’s cardiology appointment other than them wanting him to have a blood test done to check lipids level.    Speaking of blood tests, I had one done yesterday – should hear something back in a few days regarding that blood draw, as well as hearing back regarding my earlier appointment.  I’m sure all will be good and something to smile about.

Just to recap on my Three Things – 

  1. Coffee and KIIM-FM
  2. Survived the week (well so far, it’s only Thursday)
  3. Got through un-fun “women’s” appointment – good for another year.

Hope you all had a week worth smiling about.

#TuesdayChatter – May 16, 2017

Time, once again, for another Tuesday Chatter….  And here I am trying to think of something to chat about.  None of us here are very chatty (though The Hubby would disagree when it comes to me.  I’m sure he thinks I talk way too much.  Oh sure, we talk about stuff – all kinds of stuff – but we’re not a super talkative type of family.

Ohhh my, where are my manners?!?  Would you like a cup of coffee?  I just made up some.  It’s early, even for me – Usually I’m just getting up about now.  Miss Meekah is lying in one of her favorite spots next to me.

Terrible picture, – I’m sorry.  That black lump (if you can see it), in the chair next to me, is Meekah.  She was wanting out earlier but is resting peacefully – for now.  She is quite social in terms of wanting to be where we’re at but she’s not much of a talker (unless she’s wanting food, wanting out, or telling us we need to go to bed) and not a real playful type – though she loves playing with bottle caps and rubber bands.

Enough of my senseless chatter.  What’s going on in your neck of the woods?  Be sure and join in the weekly Tuesday Chatter with our wonderful host Eugenia.

#WeeklySmile 71

I was going to say coffee’s still warm, but then I got interrupted.  I have re-heated it.  Not the best but it works – *smile*

Here’s something definitely worth smiling about – infact I’d say it’s worth several smiles.  Our son received his Star Rank yesterday at the Court of Honor…  Now he begins his journey to Life.

He is continuing to make steady progress finishing up math and english for the school year.