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What do I Know About #Autism / #Aspergers??

What do I know about Autism and Aspergers?  Well I can tell you I’ve got a son with Aspergers (technically he’s on the Autism spectrum), that I have friends with Autistic children,  That I follow a couple of blogs written by parents of Autistic Kids…  And then I would tell you that I really don’t know a darn thing.  

…Note:  These are my thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences….

It isn’t because I don’t have a fancy degree or a bunch of letters after my name.  It’s because every child, every person, every situation is different.  No two people with Autism or Aspergers are the same. Each one is different with their own set of triggers (things that may cause a melt down or disruption to the process of getting done whatever needs to get done), their own nuances, their own sets of social awkwardness.  I’m sure we could continue on with a list a mile long.

For some, something as simple as a sock or a helmet or a backpack not fitting exactly right can cause a mealtdown or at least a disruption to the flow of gettingdressed and ready to go.  Others may have other triggers that cause mealtdowns or trip them up.

Dealing with the nuances of Autism is like being on a roller coaster…  There’s going to be constant ups and downs.  You may think you have a certain type of situation figured out or dealt with only to have it pop back up at a later point.  With children, you’re going to have new situations pop up as the child grows and develops.

Here are couple good  blogs (written by parents of kids who have Autims and Aspergers) that have good information and insight:

Autism In Our Nest

A Blog About Raising My Autistic son
Some Resources:

Autism Speaks
American Autism Society

#SkyWatch Friday – March 24, 2017

There was even a double rainbow (middle picture).

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Tuesday Chatter – March 21, 2017

Hi everyone.  Been a busy morning and I’m just now getting to the Tuesday Chatter (hosted by Eugenia).  I usally try to do this first thing in the morning while I drink my coffee but today didn’t work out that way (obviously).  The Hubby was up early and there were a few things he wanted to get taken care of.  Then there was breakfast and a party that I needed to post in…  Then off to take care kitties for family (which is where I’m at now).  As soon as I’m done here, it’s back home to pick up son and off to Phoenix to pick up bookshelves….  That’ll probably take a good several hours (1-1/2 to 2 hrs driving each way plus the time at the store picking up the bookshelves…  Ohhh and we’ll probably want to stop for lunch or something).

Our son is coming along nicely in his Martial Arts class.  I think he enjoys it, though he doesn’t always enjoy the more lectury aspects.  He does improve little by little each time he goes.    Who knows,  I might be able to take the class with him.  Have to see about that, but he has given the okay for mom to do with (or at least expresses that he doesn’t care one way or other, LOL).

Not much news with The Hubby.  Appointment has been scheduled for cataract surgery but the snafu is that insurance might be dropping said doctor (or vice verse) so we’re scrambling to get appointments scheduled for both eyes (have to be done separately a couple weeks apart) and crossing fingers that insurance will continue to cover the doctor…  Yeah, it’s a mess (not to mention frustrating) and all we can do is wait and see what happens.

Well,  I’d better get going… Lot’s to do today.  Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful day.  Hope you’ll join for the Tuesday Chatter.

#WeeklySmile # 63

It seems hard, sometimes, to think of what made us smile this, and it doesn’t help that The Hubby isn’t into blogging or other Social Media stuff and The Son… Well let’s just say (almost) typical teenage boy mixed with aspergers….  yeah not really going to get much help from him on what made him smile this last week.  I could wager a guess however with him (would be same pretty much week after week) – watching you-tube videos and playing Minecraft.  He’s actually been working on a minecraft video for you tube.

The Hubby continues to work with his friend on model railroad stuff.  On another note, sadly, we’re not sure how the cataract surgery thing is going to go…  It’s looking as if the insurance he’s got is going to be dropping the doctor who would be doing the surgery…  Infact, they are going to be dropping a whole system, so he’s either going to have to switch insurance (if that’s possilble) or get new doctors 😔…  But this is suppose to be about smiles 😀 so let’s see what else there is….

I’m smiling about the Mary Kay Facebook party I’ve got being hosted as well as hosting a Pampered Chef party next Sunday… And I’m going to be hosting a Jewel-Scent party sometime in May.  Ohhh yes, can’t forget the ride-alongs I’m working on getting scheduled (should hear about one of them sometime this week) -That’s something to smile about.

Well that’s about it for this week.  Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed week with many smiles.

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#TuesdayChatter – March 14, 2017

Good Morning to everyone.  Well if you’re insane enough to be up at this hour (or maybe it’s a product of necessity – work, kids, etc). I’ve got some coffee on hand.  Goodness knows I need it this morning, not so much for the caffeine kick – coffee never really does that for me – but for the slow wakingness (ok so I made that word up) it gives me.  Last night was not the most restful for me.  Don’t think I slept more than maybe a couple hours at a time.  I kept waking up needing to flip sides as achiness seeped into my sleep waking me enough to notice the discomfort.  Hopefully your rest last night was more restful than mine was.

So what’s Happening with the family??   Well, it is warming up around here – warming up considerably (we hit something like 90 yesterday).

Can’t recall if I’ve mentioned or not (I’d blame the early morning or the fact that the coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, but truth is I’m always having to go back and look to see if I’ve mentioned something or not)…  The Hubby is due to have cataract surgery.  I think there may be another pre-surgery appointment or two (not sure) and then we get into the scheduling.  I say “surgery” but it’s really more of a procedure that only takes a few minutes in the doctors office.

My son goes to his last autism group meeting today, which reminds me – I need to look into the next session so he can continue.  He also continues with his Martial Arts.  Yesterday, I got to see someone be presented their next belt level…an orange belt which is the first belt earned (you start with white).  Ironically, I would not have gotten to see this if  my son’s grandmother was in town and taking him as she usually would be.  My son is still aways from earning his but he does seem to be doing fairly well.

Some time, later today, I will be baking cookies to send to our troops and to deliver to one of the local police station.

Speaking of Police, I’m also working on getting in contact with the appropriate channels of various local  Fire and Police Departments to schedule ridealongs.  One such attempt has been quite an interesting one.  Several attempts at sending back (via email) a form has either shown up blank or non-existence. The form has been physically turned in so that should solve that problem — and now we wait for a response.

Be sure you head over to this week’s Tuesday Chatter hosted by Eugenia and check it out.  Hope you all have a great week.  See you next time.

Thoughts on Fire Safety and Weed Removal.

As we head into spring/summer and the growth of plant life, not to mention weeds, I am reminded of a story that took place back about the time we first moved here (or at least within the 1st year or so).

Apparently some guy decided that using a flame-thrower would be an great idea for ridding his yard of unwanted weeds.  Unfortunately, he obviously did not use proper safety protocol in executing this method of weed riddance resulting in a fire that ended up destroying (or, at the very least, badly damaging) his home….  Let’s see, dry/hot weather, fire watches & warnings in effect, a fire source (ie flame-thrower) all thrown together into the mix – Yep, we’ve got a recipe or fire and recipe for disaster…  Can we say FAIL!!

Personally, I would advice against using a flame-thrower (or other fire related methods) as a method of weed riddance but some would argue that using such methods are perfectly fine if done properly (I still have my doubts).  At the very least, if you are one of those who feels that using fire to rid your yard of wanted weeds is perfectly fine and safe, make sure you are doing so safely…

First, make sure there are no active warnings or watches in your area.

Second, be sure you have a proper water source immediately and readily available to you (that doesn’t mean the hose that is coiled up on the other side of the yard)

Third, closely monitor said fire at all times (this means staying outside with it so long as the fire is burning or is at all hot)

Four, and this is probably by far one of the most important, watch where you are setting fire (setting weeds on fire that are in close proximity to your house or other builings is not the best of ideas).  

Keep in mind that things like small sticks and dead plantlife in the ground can quickly catchfire causing a fire to quickly spread from the area intended.  Better yet, how about other (more safer) methods of weed removal.

Have a fun and safe spring & summer

#WeeklySmile – # 62

We’ve missed some Weekly Smiles around here.

So what’s been going on around here?  What do we have to smile about…Welll…. Hmmmm….With lives as boring (or seemingly boring) as ours are, there really isn’t much for me to mention.  Life generally just seems to just, well, happen…

The son has pretty well completed both his physics and history courses for the year (as you will recall he is doing his classes through Bringham Young University (as I wrote about here). He now has a copy of the book he needed for english and is making progress there.

I’ll be doing my 3rd Mary Kay Party party this month on Facebook.  A bit of a “Frown”,  the last party did not go as well as I might hope – it seemed to lack luster (it happens sometimes) – but I’m ready to jump in and and go again with my next party and am looking forward to it.  Plus,  I’ll be hosting a Pampered Chef party for a friend (also on Facebook).    Who’s excited?  This Girl (The Wife)…Party Time!!!

So now, The Hubby –   It may seem ironical that I would mention this as a “smile” but The Hubby is due to be getting cataract surgery  before too long.  The good news is that cataract surgeries, these days, are a fairly simple & easy procedure done in the doctors office in just a few minutes and the results will (or should) allow his to see things more clearly.

Pretty sure Meekah is smiling about resting in her favorite chair. She seems to get out of sorts when the chair is not in it’s usual locale

So there are our Smiles for this last week.  Wishing you all a blessed week filled with many smiles.