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Good Morning ­čÖé.  Another Tuesday has arrived.  Come join me for a Cup of Joe and listen to some Country (KIIM-FM) one of my favorite stations.

For some exciting news (pretty sure I’ve probably mentioned these in passing before)…  The Son will be receiving his Star Rank at the Court of Honor this weekend.  The other cool news is finding out I am now officially a part of the police volunteers.  Still have the training to do, but most of that is OJT (or rather OVT – On the Volunteer Training­čśé).

Today is looking to be wet and dreary.  We were suppose to have gotten some ThunderStorms last night – If we did, it didn’t wake me up.  Also looks like my day will be filled with, mostly, phone calls and stopping at a couple stores.  That and stopping at another school to check it out as a possiblity for The Son for next year…  Long story there.  We had actually considered it before but it wasn’t met with great approval by others involved (not getting into that).

Well that’s my Tuesday Chatter…  What’s yours?  What’s going on in your day? week?

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