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Good Tuesday Morning.  Time for a bit of Tuesday Chatter with our host Eugenia over at Brew N Spew.

I’ll start with a bit of happy news – Firefighters are finally starting to get a handle on the BurroFire (link is to latest report from TucsonNewsNow).  The Fire is now at 65%.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot but for several days after it first started it was at like 0%….  They finally got it up to 19%.  A couple days ago they got it to 51% and as of yesterday evening it was 65%.  That fire was kicking the firefighters butt and it’s good to see they are getting a handle on it.

Yesterday, our son did the first part of his belt testing (he does the second part on Wednesday).  He actually did really good.   I (Wife) cleaned up my phone so I could get videos and it still gave me fits.  I did get a couple videos including him doing his Kata – Tai Chi’o KoShodone (I don’t know that I’m saying that exactly right).  Wednesday he does the sparring portion.  Next Monday is the belt ceremony.

Wishing you all a Terrific Tuesday and Wonderful Week ahead.  Till next week.