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Good Morning.  I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee.  I like to have 2 cups each morning but I’m sure you don’t care to listen to me talk about coffee.  I can chatter on quite well once I think of something to chatter about.  The problem is what in the world would you want me to chatter about for Tuesday Chatter?  What could I say that hasn’t been said or that won’t bore you right on back out of here?

As we sit and chat, I’m listening to KIIM FM 995.   I’ve followed (listened to) 995 through states that I’ve lived in  (Oregon, Texas, and finally Arizona).

Sorry,  I just had a news notification pop up on my phone that had something to do with a story that came up sometime yesterday about a little girl (toddler) that had been found wondering around, alone.  I had to go check it out to see what was going on.  Looks like the parents were found and girl & parents have been reunited.  Not sure of the whole story, but there doesn’t seem to be signs of foul play or negligence. Just one of those things that can happen…  Our son got out once when he was about 2 or 3.  Made it all the way across a busy street (thank god, unharmed).  He was found by someone who lived across the street and apparently police were called (probably similar to this case).  I was looking for him when someone motioned me across the street.  I don’t think I ever looked before crossing, I just ran.  If the situation with that little girl is anything like mine,  I can well imagine how that little girl’s parents must have been feeling.  We all like to think, it’ll never happen to me, never to my kid, I’ll never let my little one out of my sight….  on and on but believe me, IT CAN and IT DOES!!  Do you have a current photo of your child?  Maybe even a Child ID kit?  You should.  If the worse was to ever happen you need a current photo that clearly shows what your child looks like (and be sure to have a description in your mind of what your child was wearing).  Many Departments (and other organizations) offer Child ID kits – be sure they are from a legitimate source – You can always ask your local Police Department for help if they don’t, themselves, offer Child ID kits.

Sorry.  What was that I said about chattering on?!? – Yeah, that’s what I was talking about.  I got off on a tangent about that little girl and all that.  I’m so glad that little girl is okay and reunited with her parents.  

Don’t know about you, but my coffee is pretty well gone so I’ll be making another cup.  You might want to take a look at this week’s Tuesday Chatter by Eugenia.  Take Care everyone and have a blessed & wonderful/joy-filled week.