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Good Morning bloggy friends.  Just made up a fresh cup of coffee and can make up more to order (one serve coffee maker here).  You may find me with headphones in my ear listening to my favorite station via the phone app.  I promise I’ll remove them so I can listen to you but I do like my music.

Yesterday was a busy day for us here.  I was out the door at 8:30 in the morning for a meeting then back home by 10:30ish and back out the door at 11:00 for a 2 doctor appointments (one for hubby, one for son).  We made a couple stops on the way home.  Later in the evening was Martial Arts.  Today isn’t so bad just volunteering this morning and then Scouts in the evening.  The rest of the day is probably going to be odd projects around the house.

My ridealong with Pima Sheriff went well.  Can’t say that much happened – nothing of major excitement.  Most of the shift was pretty well routine stuff.  I’ll, perhaps, write something about it over on my Public Safety blog.  I also got the results back from my mammogram – normal.  The mammogram, itself, was no big deal (so, ladies,  if you’ve been putting off getting yours because your worried about how bad it will be – there you have it).  It was a bit of a deal for me only because of my short stature compared to the machine and trying to get everything set up properly to get a good picture….  Even then it was easy peasy and just like that done!

Saturday morning we picked up our Bountiful Baskets (click link to learn more about BB and find out if there in your area (think this is only in the U.S.)   If you go to information you can click on current location and go to your state to see what’s in your area.  The photo I took is terrible but here’s what our “basket” looked like {note:  a basket is made up of 2 – one vege, one fruit}

There are 6 items in each of the 2 smaller baskets…  This week we got Cauliflower, green Onions, small potatoes, Kale (I traded mine for another cauliflower), Romaine, Jicama (haven’t had jicama in a long time)..  For fruit we got, blackberries, tangerines, bananas, apples, limes, and lemondrop melon (which we used to make smoothies).  Each state/area is different and each week can be different but that gives you an idea.

Lastly, I want to invite you to join the Tuesday Chatter over at Brew N Spew and check out her Tuesday Chatter post this week she’s talking about 1983 (a great year for music).

With that said,  let me wish you all a wonderful and blessed week.  Catch you later.