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Joining Natalie (from There She Goes), after a long absence, for Three Things Thursday.

I think the actual idea is to list three things that made us smile this last week, but we’re not a family smilers so I’m changing this up abit to be three things that happened this week.

Well for starters, this lsat week was Sukkot for us.  We did go to a sukkah party on Sunday and were able to partake of nourishment within said sukkah.

Another thing that hasn’t actually happened yet but it is related to something that happened this last week…  After a recent visit to the dentist, my son has an appointment to be evaluated to see if he needs to have his wisom (or 3rd molars) removed.  Wouldn’t surprise me if he did – both me and The Husband have had to have ours removed when we were about his age.

And finally, there was the National Night Out which, really, I only went to as the rest of the familly isn’t into the whole Fire/EMS/Police scene like I am.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Wonderful weekend.  


Another WeeklySmile where I join Trent,who hosts this every week, and tell what there’s been for us (the familly) to smile about.

Having a bit of difficulty this morning as I was late to last week and didn’t get to it until Trent posted his reminder on Sunday.

The Hubby has been smiling (both chuckling and guffawing) at the book he’s reading online.  Apparently there are some pretty funny parts.  I did try asking him what he thought there was to smile about but he wasn’t able to tell me anything.

The Son, I’ll have to ask later as he is currently in bed.  Think I’ll let him stay there for now as it’s not yet 6 in the morning and I’m sure he’s smiling in his sleep about being in bed.

Me,  well I pretty well covered my “smiles” when I responded to the WeeklySmile 70 challenge – Here.  I am smiling at drinking a nice mostly hot cup of coffee.  A couple more things to smile at… Looks my son did well this past weekend at the campout with the cub pack counterpart to his troop.  The boyscouts came up with an obstacle course for the pack kids.  My son was in charge over the part where they hold on to a rope with hands and feet and scoot across over an obstacle.  Also he is getting close to finishing up his 9th grade classes through BYU – all that’s left to concentrate on is math & english (math being his hardest class and english being not far behind).  We still haven’t 100% decided on what to do next year.  There’s still many questions to be answered to determine what is the best course of action for him.  Prayers that we do what is best for him….Not what everyone thinks is best for him but what is truly best for him and his future.    To keep this on a smile note – I am tentatively smiling as I am proud of my son and the young man he is becoming.  Yes I have my worries & concerns (don’t all parents) but I smile when I think about how he can rise to the occasssion and do what needs to be done, can lead (or help lead), be helpful, all kinds of things like that.

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed day.  Sounds like The Hubby has some questions and (probably) things to talk about and I’m going to want to make myself another cup of coffee.

AtoZ-ZOooops…  Almost forgot the final post of the A-to-Z Challenge – Letter Z…

This was a tough one….  The only thing that readily comes to mind (really the only thing that comes to mind) is zucchini.  The problem is I have absolutely no idea what to write.  Stuff about Zucchini bread is like a dime a dozen all over the internet.  We have made a Banana-Zucchini bread once or twice that came out quite well.The only other thing that comes to mind is StirFry —  It does work well in stir=fry believe it or not.   If you want to take the extra time there’s also breading & frying it.   Haven’t tried this one yet.

So how did you all do on the challenge?  Did you make it through.   Except for letter X (of which I could think of absolutely nothing at all), I think we did pretty good here.   Have a Marvelous May everyone!!


AtoZ-Y “Is it OR Is it not a Yam???”

Did you know that what many people call yams are not actually yams, but sweet potatoes.  To be honest, I’m not sure I totally understand the difference.  Here’s a few links that explains the differences:

The three yams (or sweet potatoes??) that I am aware of are White, Jewel, and Garnet.  The white is pretty self explanatory.  The Garnet is the redder of the latter two, white Jewel is more of an orangish color inside.  Also, the outside of the Garnet is slightly darker (or deeper) in color than is the Jewel.  There may be more varieties, but these are the three I regularly see.

We have found that using sweet potatoes with regular to make mashed potatoes gives it a nice (sweet) touch.   A one to four ratio (of sweet to regular) works wonderfully.   The one we’ve done most often is white sweet potatoes with  baby white potatoes or (and here’s where it again get s tricky for me) either the baby gold or baby rose (I’m having trouble remembering which is the lighter of the two)….  Another one to try would be a Jewel with the darker of the two (rose or gold).   With the Jewel, of course, your going to get a more orangish/yellowish color to your mashed potatoes.

Of course  there’s always sweet potatoes with marshmallows on top (a Thanksgiving tradition for most people)….  Just be careful when your melting those marshmallows on top – They can puff up real quick and go everywhere….  Not to mention, they can go from  ok to *ohhh shit* in a matter of minutes (or less).

AtoZ-WWater and Watermelon what can I say about these?

Well I can tell you that in all likelihood we don’t drink enough water around here – In fact I’m sure we don’t.   I always have good intentions when it comes to drinking enough water, thinking of the need to keep a water bottle (filled with water) close at hand, but I never seem to quite obtain the goal to the level I should.


I believe the old rule was the 8×8 (8 – 8oz glasses a day) rule.  Another rule of thumbs indicates that for each time you go to the bathroom you should drink a certain amount of water – It goes without saying that the absence of going to the restroom should be met with even more liquid intake.   There is another rule of thumb that uses the color of your pee to indicate level of hydration or dehydration (the darker the piss, the more water you n


Speaking of enough liquids a big tall glass of  something refreshing sounds really good about now.


Is it or Is it Not  a Vegetable…..

AtoZ-VActually, a lot of what we consider, or call, vegetables are not actually vegetables at all.  Technically speaking vegetables only refers to the leaf parts of a plant.  such as lettuce, greens, even celery.   We’ll start of simple with tomatoes.  We’ve all heard the is it a fruit is it a vegetable story…  In fact, it is technically a fruit as is cucumber.  Items like Carrots and Potatoes (including Sweet Potatoes) are actually called Tubers (not vegetables).  Believe it or not corn is technically a grain (even though we call it a vegetable) because we don’t eat the leaves we’re actually eating the seeds.  Another common misconception is that of green beans & lima beans as being vegetables when they are actually legumes.  Get a can of mixed vegetables and very little of it is actually vegetable it’s mostly a mix of Tubers & Legumes and V8 Juice with it’s “high” percent of daily allowance actually only has a small percentage that is Truly vegetable.

While we’re not big salad eaters  around here we do like a variety of vegetables or well errr… what’s called “vegetables”.  If we’re going to have salad we much prefer green leafy lettuces like Romaine, Red Leaf, and Green Leaf.  Not really a big fan of Iceberg lettuce which is mostly water and has very little actual nutritional value.  As for “Vegetables” (or rather Tubers, Legumes, etc) we use them a lot in stir fry and soup.  Things like Tuna and Chicken Salad should (in our opinion) be heavy on the “vege” side.  And the trimmings of said “Vegetables”????  Used to make a delicious Vegetable Broth

AtoZ-UPineapple upside down cake – Really????  What the heck do I say about this one.    When we were going through ideas for letter “U” this was the only thing that came to mind, but it’s not exactly something we make very often (if ever??).  To be honest, I can’t recall if we’ve ever made pineapple upside down cake in our family.  I mean we’ve had it before (at least me and The Hubby), but make it – Don’t think so…. And if we did it was once many many years ago.  I do recall something about my son’s scout troop (can’t remember if it was the one he’s in now or an older troop from before we moved) talking about making camp style pineapple-upside down cake….  Actually that sounds kind of good.

Come to think of it, there’s a variety of “Upside Down” cakes you could make…  Apple, Peach, Berry (Blackberry, Strawberry) – To name a few…  Pineapple is just one of the more well known ones and gives you a base idea.   And an Upsidedown cake can be relatively easy to make…  You basically need a cake recipe (either homemade or boxed)  and appropriate fruit.  You put in your fruit in the bottom of the cake pan (probably want to grease it first??) then pour your cake batter over the fruit.  Cook according to instructions.  When the cake has cooled (after cooking) and you flip it out unto a plate or serving platter – Walllaaa, the fruit is now on top of the cake 🙂