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LOL, In my mind I know it’s July but for some reason I keep finding myself typing in June for the month instead of July.  I guess part of my mind doesn’t want to accept that it is July – though why I couldn’t tell you.

On to this week’s Three Things Thursday…. This gets kind of hard –  There’s four of us, if you count Miss Meekah Kitty,  and I don’t think I can come up with 3 smiles or “good news” per person..

Meekah was probably happy to be inside when the fireworks started up.  This photo isn’t one from Tuesday but is best one I could find that came close to showing how she was sitting (on the floor) when the fireworks did start. 

Course she wasn’t as relaxed as she is in this photo.  Her feet weren’t curled sideways under her but more straight under her and her ears were slightly back.  Thankfully the fireworks in neighborhood weren’t all that bad this year.

I’m sure she’s happy to have a full food bowl and water bowl.

An right now she looks very content in her favorite chair.

The Son is off at gramma’s, so can’t really ask him what he has to say. He does do belt testing in Martial Arts next week.  Don’t know how happy or excited he is (he’s not the kind of kid to get super excited about things).  He’s really come a long way in the performance of his Kata – Keshodone and his Kehones (drills), both of which he will need to do during the testing…  That and his defense move.

He’s also getting close to being able to take his final exam for algebra.  Looks like there’s one more unit quiz to take then the review for the final.

The plan is to the final for algebra (which is the last class he has to complete  from 9th grade) before he heads off to see grandpa.  This will be the first time he’ll be traveling alone but not as an “unaccompanied minor” – which means he’ll be responsible for himself and his stuff.  The good thing is that the flight is a straight flight – no stopovers, no changing of planes or anything like that.  The only minor concern is whether or not we will be able to go to the gate with him or whether or not grandpa will be able to meet him at the gate… As a parent there is always that concern when you send your kids off to do something for the first time, but I’m sure he’ll be/do fine.  After all. I had the same concerns about how he’d do when we sent him off to be a junior counselor for a month last summer. The report I got back (talking to several people who had worked with him) was that he did great.  I’m sure everything will work out just fine and that he’ll do great.

The Hubby — Oyyy, he’s even harder.  Just asked him if there was anything he could think for me to put down.  His answer – “Nahhh”. I can’t really come up with anything either….  Soit looks like there will be three people in which I come up with smiles/”goodnews” stuff.

As for me, well there’s the orders that I got shipped off yesterday.

I’m also expecting a small order from Pampered Chef – just a large scoop (for doing my muffins) and a pastry cutter/blender to replace the old piece of broken junk we currently have.  Should have it by the end of the week.

And lastly, there is fact that us and our family & friends are all safe.  Didn’t really expect any less but you know how crazy the Fourth of July can get.  Seems that people see it as a time to be crazy and a bit (sometimes more than a bit) stupid and careless.  I hope the same is true for all of you and yours.

See you next Thursday…  Till then, wishing you a blessed, good, and safe weekend and into next week.