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Time, once again, for another Tuesday Chatter….  And here I am trying to think of something to chat about.  None of us here are very chatty (though The Hubby would disagree when it comes to me.  I’m sure he thinks I talk way too much.  Oh sure, we talk about stuff – all kinds of stuff – but we’re not a super talkative type of family.

Ohhh my, where are my manners?!?  Would you like a cup of coffee?  I just made up some.  It’s early, even for me – Usually I’m just getting up about now.  Miss Meekah is lying in one of her favorite spots next to me.

Terrible picture, – I’m sorry.  That black lump (if you can see it), in the chair next to me, is Meekah.  She was wanting out earlier but is resting peacefully – for now.  She is quite social in terms of wanting to be where we’re at but she’s not much of a talker (unless she’s wanting food, wanting out, or telling us we need to go to bed) and not a real playful type – though she loves playing with bottle caps and rubber bands.

Enough of my senseless chatter.  What’s going on in your neck of the woods?  Be sure and join in the weekly Tuesday Chatter with our wonderful host Eugenia.

*Whispers* This was shared on the mamma’s blog (Jottings and Writings) but we had to share here too.


Check out more Pet photos (and other animals) here.

Here’s our Meekah Kitty:

Today’s Daily Post is a Free Write.

The instructions are to write for 10 minutes on whatever you like – No Stops, No Pauses (gulp), No Edits.

I’ll start off with a bit of excitement we had earlier this morning.  A neighbor kitty (I can only assume that it was a neighbor’s) came into our backyard.  Our own Meekah Kitty had a thing or two to say about the situation.  The other cat seemed friendly enough, letting me pet it.  It did, however, give a hiss when I picked it up but didn’t strike out at me.  Thinking it might belong to one of the neighbors to the rear of us,  I thought perhaps if I could put it up on the wall that borders the backside of our house, it might head on towards home.  When the new-coming cat gave a hiss, I instantly set it back down.  About that time I was called back into the house to deal with something.  When the situation first arose, I had gotten Meekah back inside so I could deal with the other cat (something she wasn’t overly happy with)…  She was yowling like crazy at the back door to go back out.  When my husband (The Pappa) heard Meekah yowling and saw what was going on, he decided to go ahead and let her back out – Not much I could have done  and it is, after all, her (Meekah’s) yard.  I had simply wanted to avoid a cat fight if I could…  Luckily there was cat fight but the two cats did make their displeasure knowing with low pitch yowls (thankfully, no fur flying).  After a bit, Meekah decided to go back inside.  I can’t say that they will become friends (by any stretch of the imagination), but perhaps (this is on assumption that this was a neighbor cat) they will come to some sort of agreement.

Earlier I started off saying, “I’ll start off”….  Looks like I mis-spoke as I am left with about 30 seconds.  Not really much (or any) time to write about anything else.

For this weeks Weekly Pet Challenge, I thought I’d use an oldie.   She just jumped up in there, when we weren’t looking, and make herself comfortable.


I was working in my office getting ready for my “show” (amongst other things) when I glanced up and saw this

Then a few minutes later she had moved to here

Still later in the afternoon she apparently had some trouble deciding whether she wanted to go in or stay out. Apparently she wore herself out trying to decide 20140323-180327.jpg

I know, I know….  A day late.

Today (ok, yesterday) we try a new element – the assignment being to embed something….  For instructions on how to do embedding check out this link..

So, the question is what to embed….  A picture? A song?  How about A video….  a video of our “MeekahKitty”