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Accidently posted this the first time to the wrong blog – Oooops, LOL.

Time for another Three Things Thursday hosted by Natalie over at There She Goes.
So what made us smile this week?? Hmmm that’s a hard one. Not too surprising, I know, but to add to that, me and the hubby had a bit of a fight/disagreement which put us both in moods not conducive to smiling. It’s okay, we’ve worked things out, but my mind hasn’t been on smiley things.

Right now (it’s actually Saturday) my son is taking a Merit Badge class to earn his Citizenship of the World which is an eagle required merit badge. Don’t know if he’d consider that something to smile about or not (he’s doesn’t smile about much, none of us do really), but I’m proud of him for deciding to go for his eagle (following earning Life).

My son is also getting ready to earn his next belt level in Martial Arts. He actualy tests on Monday so I’ll let you kow next Thursday how he does.


Later today,  I’ll be going on a ridealong.  Was up last night making these to take with me for the officers.  The other reason I was staying up last night was because I’m riding with swing shift which goes till midnight.  It will be interesting, going with a different (larger) department and seeing how things work there.  

The Son is off at camp, hopefully having a good time.  I wonder what merit badge courses he ended up taking while there…  He was signed up for Basketry, Space Exploration and Canoeing.  They were going to see if they could change one or two of those since he’s already earned merit badges in canoeing and possibly space exploration.  Guess we’ll find out when he gets home on Saturday.

Can’t really think of anything to share about The Hubby and don’t know what it is that made him smile last week – Not exactly a question I can ask him without him looking at me cross eyed like I’m crazy and then rolling over and going back to sleep…  Not that it would be any better once he’s awake – then he’d just go back to his computer and whatever he’s looking up, reading, researching.  Far as I know there’s no major projects or anything going on.

Three Things Thursday was started by Emily over at Nerd In the Brain and is now being hosted by Natalie at There She Goes.  Come join the fun —  What are three things that made you smile?

So three things that happened last week

Don’t know what all had The Hubby smiling last week but he was chuckling, several times, over a book he was reading.  My guess he was also smiling (on the inside anyway) about getting the ingrown toenail taken care of.

The Son, well he rarely smiles so it’s hard to come up with stuff for him.  He did have his annual eye exam and had his eyes dilted – pretty sure he was happy when that part was over. He has also decided that he wants to try and earn his eagle (which has me smiling).  

Previously, he hasn’t shown signs of wanting to do his Eagle and we haven’t pushed it.  Right now he’s in the process of earning his Life rank and is making good progress.  If he can finish up a few merit badges that he started earlier and get elected into an “office” he could (feasibly get his Life  at the next Court of Honor (in the fall), if not then next Spring Which would give him around a year and a half to two years to earn his eagle (before he turns 18).  It looks as if he may be able to earn some Eagle Palms as well.
Sorry, looks like mine ended up o the lengthy side😅😋.

How about joining Natalie over at  There She Goes for Three Things Thursday….  Go on, check it out and we’ll catch you later.  Have your self a wonder and blessed weekend.