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What do I know about Autism and Aspergers?  Well I can tell you I’ve got a son with Aspergers (technically he’s on the Autism spectrum), that I have friends with Autistic children,  That I follow a couple of blogs written by parents of Autistic Kids…  And then I would tell you that I really don’t know a darn thing.  

…Note:  These are my thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences….

It isn’t because I don’t have a fancy degree or a bunch of letters after my name.  It’s because every child, every person, every situation is different.  No two people with Autism or Aspergers are the same. Each one is different with their own set of triggers (things that may cause a melt down or disruption to the process of getting done whatever needs to get done), their own nuances, their own sets of social awkwardness.  I’m sure we could continue on with a list a mile long.

For some, something as simple as a sock or a helmet or a backpack not fitting exactly right can cause a mealtdown or at least a disruption to the flow of gettingdressed and ready to go.  Others may have other triggers that cause mealtdowns or trip them up.

Dealing with the nuances of Autism is like being on a roller coaster…  There’s going to be constant ups and downs.  You may think you have a certain type of situation figured out or dealt with only to have it pop back up at a later point.  With children, you’re going to have new situations pop up as the child grows and develops.

Here are couple good  blogs (written by parents of kids who have Autims and Aspergers) that have good information and insight:

Autism In Our Nest

A Blog About Raising My Autistic son
Some Resources:

Autism Speaks
American Autism Society


As we head into spring/summer and the growth of plant life, not to mention weeds, I am reminded of a story that took place back about the time we first moved here (or at least within the 1st year or so).

Apparently some guy decided that using a flame-thrower would be an great idea for ridding his yard of unwanted weeds.  Unfortunately, he obviously did not use proper safety protocol in executing this method of weed riddance resulting in a fire that ended up destroying (or, at the very least, badly damaging) his home….  Let’s see, dry/hot weather, fire watches & warnings in effect, a fire source (ie flame-thrower) all thrown together into the mix – Yep, we’ve got a recipe or fire and recipe for disaster…  Can we say FAIL!!

Personally, I would advice against using a flame-thrower (or other fire related methods) as a method of weed riddance but some would argue that using such methods are perfectly fine if done properly (I still have my doubts).  At the very least, if you are one of those who feels that using fire to rid your yard of wanted weeds is perfectly fine and safe, make sure you are doing so safely…

First, make sure there are no active warnings or watches in your area.

Second, be sure you have a proper water source immediately and readily available to you (that doesn’t mean the hose that is coiled up on the other side of the yard)

Third, closely monitor said fire at all times (this means staying outside with it so long as the fire is burning or is at all hot)

Four, and this is probably by far one of the most important, watch where you are setting fire (setting weeds on fire that are in close proximity to your house or other builings is not the best of ideas).  

Keep in mind that things like small sticks and dead plantlife in the ground can quickly catchfire causing a fire to quickly spread from the area intended.  Better yet, how about other (more safer) methods of weed removal.

Have a fun and safe spring & summer

I can definitely relate to the frustration and aggravation felt in regards to the post by benzeknees – “A Professional Patient Rants“.

The sad thing is that people who do not have to go through such things often have very little (if any) understanding of the frustration and time involved in getting approved for benefits. There seems to be the (mis)conception that those who are handicapped do nothing but stare at the wall all day and have nothing, but stare at the walls. And then there is the lack of understanding of what might Physically be involved in getting places to get the benefit approval process going, or what might come up once you actually arrive…

Can you say “head….brick-wall”. There are times I think a padded room might be appropriate, but perhaps I shouldn’t say that ūüėõ

Whenever people hear that my husband is in a wheelchair or that he has had a stroke (which came about well after being put in a wheelchair), they (almost) always seem to comment about how good a person I am to be taking care if him and such.

Let me set the record straight… I’m NO SAINT!! Number one, I get just as upset/irritated/fed-up as the next guy (or gal in my case) and Number two, it’s not as if he (my husband) is a bed-ridden invalid. True, he needs more help in getting things done than the average, able-bodied, person and being of sound mind there are many things he wants to accomplish (of which he needs my help to do so)… But it’s not as if I have to feed him or wipe his ass (though I do have to help with transfers to the toilet and anymore I do a lot of the cooking (something my husband use to do more of before his stroke a few years back.

There are days, when I have been exceptionally needed (and feel like Jenny-Jump-Up), that I feel like screaming. There are even those days that I just want to leave for a whole… to take a short (or even long) vacation… just to get a way for a while. So no, I’m no saint. I don’t take any better care of my husband than any other woman would… Sometimes maybe not even as good.

Earlier today I heard the phrase (or rather word) religiously. ¬†I can’t remember at this point (it’s been a long day) what this was in reference to – I can’t even say that it had anything to do with religion itself… ¬†But it got me to thinking what do the words religious, and religiously mean?

So let’s turn to Webster (unfortunately it’s not “Miriam Webster”):


Pertaining or relating to religion; concerned with religion; set apart for purposes connected with religion; imbued with religion; pious; defout; dovted by vows to the practice of religion or to a monastic life (a religious order); bound by some solemn obligation; bound by some solemn obligation; scrupulously  faithful.


In a religious manner; piousluy; reverently; strictly; conscientiously

I was sort of hoping to find a definition that didn’t relate the words only to religion but in a more generic sense… ¬† After all the terms are often used outside of religion ¬†for example someone who religiously exercises every day ¬†or is religious about eating only health foods.

How is it that it is easy to think of being religious and doing things religiously when it comes to eating healthy and exercise. ¬†But when it comes to relating it to religion – Not so easy. ¬†I am far from being the epitome of a religious person (at least not in my eyes). ¬†I know there is much I do wrong and while I don’t go around making of a habit of doing that which would be considered sinful, I am far from perfect and far from being sin-free.¬† When we think of ¬†being religious (in relation to God and religion), we should think of terms of being steadfast and never-moving, of being set apart. ¬†We should be diligent in our faithfulness. ¬† Never ceasing, despite what is thrown at us.