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Accidently posted this the first time to the wrong blog – Oooops, LOL.

Time for another Three Things Thursday hosted by Natalie over at There She Goes.
So what made us smile this week?? Hmmm that’s a hard one. Not too surprising, I know, but to add to that, me and the hubby had a bit of a fight/disagreement which put us both in moods not conducive to smiling. It’s okay, we’ve worked things out, but my mind hasn’t been on smiley things.

Right now (it’s actually Saturday) my son is taking a Merit Badge class to earn his Citizenship of the World which is an eagle required merit badge. Don’t know if he’d consider that something to smile about or not (he’s doesn’t smile about much, none of us do really), but I’m proud of him for deciding to go for his eagle (following earning Life).

My son is also getting ready to earn his next belt level in Martial Arts. He actualy tests on Monday so I’ll let you kow next Thursday how he does.


Time for another Three Things Thursday.

The other day, the arm rest snapped off of The Hubby’s wheelchair. Thankfully we were able to find a temporary fix today, until the actual part needed comes in.

The son has been working on his next Kata as well as his defense moves (and a few other things) to get ready to test for his next belt.
The Citizen Police Academy that The Wife is taking will soon be drawing to a close…. Just a few more weeeks left till “graduation day”.

I know, I’m a day late on this…. Plus I’ve been AWOL in terms of doing the last several (lost count)….  Sorry.

Really not much has been going on lately so you’re not missing much by lack of blogging.

Since this is suppose to be “Three Things Thursday”, I’m trying to think of three things that have happened worth smiling about, or at least worth mentioning…..

Well, let’s see…  

  1. Last weekend our son helped out on an Eagle Project then headed out on his annual bikeride/campout w/ grandma….  I believe the ride is something like an hour and a half to two hours (according to google maps – don’t know what the actual ride time is).
  2. Also last weekend, was the driving portion of the. Citizens Police Academy course that I’ve been taking. Once again, I chickened out of driving my self 😠….but I did partner up and ride w/ another gal whois also taking the class.  I worked the radio while she did the driving (yeah that was pretty entertaining to listen to, I’m sure)
  3. This weekend my son is going on another camping trip, this time w/ his scout troop and I’ll be helping out with another Dispose-A-Med event.

Wishing everyone a very blessed and wonderful weekend.

Joining Natalie (from There She Goes), after a long absence, for Three Things Thursday.

I think the actual idea is to list three things that made us smile this last week, but we’re not a family smilers so I’m changing this up abit to be three things that happened this week.

Well for starters, this lsat week was Sukkot for us.  We did go to a sukkah party on Sunday and were able to partake of nourishment within said sukkah.

Another thing that hasn’t actually happened yet but it is related to something that happened this last week…  After a recent visit to the dentist, my son has an appointment to be evaluated to see if he needs to have his wisom (or 3rd molars) removed.  Wouldn’t surprise me if he did – both me and The Husband have had to have ours removed when we were about his age.

And finally, there was the National Night Out which, really, I only went to as the rest of the familly isn’t into the whole Fire/EMS/Police scene like I am.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Wonderful weekend.  

Time for another Three Things Thursday – Created by Emily at Nerd In the Brain and being hosted by Natalie over at There She Goes.

Three Things that made me happy or made me smile:

My son’s first flight as a “non-unaccompanied minor” went off without a hitch (well, for the most part)…  It did for him anyway.  I ran into a slight problem at the airport when I went to pick him up, but as far as my son goes, he did just fine…. I’m, needless to say, pretty proud of him for how he did.
One of the ladies at a local store I shop at all the time has returned after being gone for a while I have not totally determined if it was vacation or family emergency (or whatever)….  You kind of get to know the cashiers, etc at the stores you frequent….  I had been wondering where she was at and when she’d be  back.  This particular lady is deaf (not that should define her), and communicating can be interesting but I still often make it a point to go through her line.  I enjo the opportunity to say “Hi, How are you” in sign language and occassionally pick up or re-learn another word or two.

Hard to believe my son is the big 1-6 now…  He’ll be starting his Sophmore year of High School and will be going to a new (online) school this year…. Orientation, in fact, is tomorrow morning.

So that’s pretty much what’s made me smile, made me happy, made me proud….  I could maybe come up with more stuff, but I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I can see what I’m typing.

Good Night all and have a wonderful weekend!!!

So here we are back at Thursday – Time for Three Things Thursday.  ⬅️ click on on the link to head over to our hosts TTT post for this week, just don’t forget to come back.

So now the hard part…  Three Things???  Having trouble coming up with three things, much less coming up with three things that made us smile this last week.

Let’s see there’s 3 merit badges my son earned while at sumer camp:

  1. Basketry
  2. Environmental Science
  3. Space Exploration

I know he took Basketry.  I think I have the other two correct.  That’s, also, not necessarily all that he took.

Three Careers that interest me:

  1. Crime Scene Investigation
  2. Journalism
  3. Something in Medicine (having a hard time deciding on a specific career to list.

Three Things to Smile about:

  1. Sunrises
  2. Coffee (LOL had to put that down as I drink the last of my morning coffee)
  3. Quiet Mornings

Wishing you all a blessed and wonderful upcoming weekend.  Hope you have a fun 4th of July.  Please remember to Stay Safe, follow instructions and use all necessary cautions when using fire crackers.  Be sure to learn the laws in your area regarding there usage.  It is a bad year for many places (I know California, Arizona, New Mexico are high on this list) for Wild Fires so please be careful and make sure you are  setting up in a good safe area, and have plenty of water on hand….  OK,  done with my little safety speech.

See y’all next Thursday.  Till then I wish you all well.

So three things that happened last week

Don’t know what all had The Hubby smiling last week but he was chuckling, several times, over a book he was reading.  My guess he was also smiling (on the inside anyway) about getting the ingrown toenail taken care of.

The Son, well he rarely smiles so it’s hard to come up with stuff for him.  He did have his annual eye exam and had his eyes dilted – pretty sure he was happy when that part was over. He has also decided that he wants to try and earn his eagle (which has me smiling).  

Previously, he hasn’t shown signs of wanting to do his Eagle and we haven’t pushed it.  Right now he’s in the process of earning his Life rank and is making good progress.  If he can finish up a few merit badges that he started earlier and get elected into an “office” he could (feasibly get his Life  at the next Court of Honor (in the fall), if not then next Spring Which would give him around a year and a half to two years to earn his eagle (before he turns 18).  It looks as if he may be able to earn some Eagle Palms as well.
Sorry, looks like mine ended up o the lengthy side😅😋.

How about joining Natalie over at  There She Goes for Three Things Thursday….  Go on, check it out and we’ll catch you later.  Have your self a wonder and blessed weekend.