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How is everyone’s Tuesday going so far?  

I’m sitting here trying to think of something to “chat” about.  It’s another one of those ‘life as usual’ weeks.

I’ve been trying to do something called the #cinchChallenge (It has to do with Social Media posting foryou Direct Sales businesss).  Today we were suppose to post about our businesses for Job Action Day. So I posted these.

Anotther day had us posting an A/B/C/D image:

And another day asked us to post our favorite quick/easy week/school night recipe… I went with home made soup (with homemade broth made from the trimmings of vegetables (I shared this recipe once a while back- What to do with vegetable scraps).

Tonight is the last class for the CPA (Citizens Police Academy) I’ve been taking…  We’ll be learning. about defensive tactics and such, and then doing some scenarios.

I also learned that my son will be doing belt testing (for his Orange belt) next Monday.  He’s also been working out to get ready for then annual troop backpacking campout coming up in a couple weeks.

Guess that’s pretty much it for me.  What’s been going on with you all??  Hope you’re all having a Terrific Tuesday.  


Only got a few minutes before I have to run…. Been a while since we’ve joined the Tuesday Chatter with our host Eugenia (over at Brew n Spew).

Life has pretty much been Life lately.  Not exceptionally good or bad, just…. Life.  Nothing really new or exciting to speak of..

The son is still doing reasonably good in school and feels that his current school experience is probably the best he’s experienced.  He’s still working on his Life Rank in scouts and is learning a new Kata in Martial Arts.

The wife is still volunteering with the local police department and is in Direct Sales as an Indpendent Consultant for both Gemstra and Mary Kay.  

The Hubby has been into his railroad stuff as well as some torah study type stuff.

Well,  I’d better be going.  Hoping you all have a blessed and wonderful week.
The Wife.

Sorry – Jumping in here a day late on the Tuesday Chatter…. Do I get an  “A for effort” for actually making it this week, at. all?!?  Not 100% sure I made it last week or if I ended up (inadvertently) blowing it off last week.

Really, if I’m to be honest, there isn’t much to chat about these days.  Not really anything going on.  Kinda same ole same ole, so I guess me missing weeks here and there isn’t that big a big deal.

We are in the midst of Sukkot here (which I guess could best be described as being like the christian holiday of Pentacost or Tabernacles.

Hubby’s eyes are doing good.  A little back history, he had had cataract surgery on both eyes (different months) a while back.  Recovery of both eyes has gone quite well.

The Son continues to do well in school.

For personal reasons, I decided to stop doing the Farm & Art Market thing I was doing on Thursdays….  This does’t mean that I’ve stopped supporting the event and would hope that if you are in the Tucson area on a Thursday evening you would stop by and check out the event.

Well I guess that pretty well wraps it up for this week.  Hope you are all having a wonderful & blessed week thus far.

Hi,  Hello there…. Not a lot of time chat.  Getting ready to head off to my Tuesday evening Citizen Police Academy class.  I want to say we’re close to half- way through (give or take).

The driving portion of the course, the part where we actually get to try our hand at driving an actual police car (on a closed course, of course) is coming soon.  I keep wondering if I’ll have the courage to actually drive this time around instead of chickening out like I did last time.   I did ride with one of the officers who was also on the course (acting as a “backup officer”) which turned out to be an…ummmmm….interesting (yeah, that works) ride.  Perhaps I’ll share more on that later (when I have more time).

While I’m doing my CPA (see above) class the son will be doing his scout thing, working towards his Life Rank (well maybe not directly, but that’s his next rank before he starts his journey to Eagle (Yep,  He’s decided to go for broke, I mean Eagle).

Well, time to get myself together and get out of here.  Wishing you all a wonderful & blessed rest of the week.

Be sure and Join Eugenia (our host for Tuesday Chatter) over at Brew N Spew.

www.gemstra.com/tenacarrTime for some Tuesday Chatter…. My apologies for missing out on last week.  Wish I had some wonderful excuse to for y’all – like we were out saving the world or something, LOL. But we weren’t. I just never got around to it and next thing I knew, it was then end of the week, and then the weekend, and then…..

I have been spending a bunch of time, over the last week or so, getting a new business set up. You’ve heard me mention that I’m a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, right?!? Well I recenty decided to join Gemstra/Jewelscent as well – LOL, Don’t worry I’m not going to go off the deep end and start joining tons of dfferent Direct Sales companies.  I have my gemstra boutique set up and am having a launch party through September 03 (virtual link for party).

In other news…. The new school continues to go well for our son.  At least there hasn’t been any negative developments and things seem to be going okay.  He continues to do well in most all his classes (though English seems to be a bit of a struggle right now). He’s already completed one of the courses he’s taken this semester and is 85% done in another course.

In more global news, my thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Harvey.  I’m not gonna try to find all the links and reports and all but they are saying that Harvey has made the record for the amount of rainfall coming out of a Hurricane and last I heard, the rain wasn’t over yet.  I have friends in Texas (some in nearby areas where Harvey has affected).  So far everyone that I know seems to be okay but I know there are many who are in need of help and shelter. Consider doing something to help – volunteer, donate, whatever….  There’s lots of things out there if you  look – I’ll leave the details to you to decide on.  Just be cautious of scammers (yeah, I have special thoughts of hell for scammers who prey on those affected and those who want to help others 😡😡)

Blessings and Peace to you all and (G-d willing) I’ll see you next week.

So sorry to be MIA from the Tuesday Chatter the past couple weeks….   I won’t even bother with explanations. Let’s just leave it at Life Happens”.

Even now I am rushing this as I have to leave shortly to do a bit of shopping then pick up my son…. Spent the past few hours sitting at the library getting some work done to pass the time while waiting till it was time to do the shopping

So what’s been going on in my neck of the woods, you ask?!?

Well for starters, The Son has started at his new school and seems to be doing well.  This semester he’s signed up for Sophmore English, Geometry, Environmental Science, Personal & Family Living, and Driver’s Ed (yep you heard right – Driver’s Ed)…  He goes in for a 5 hour block of time but the school is online based (I think I’ve mentioned that before) so he is able to work at his own pace.   So far his grades are looking good and it looks like he is most nearly done w/the Driver’s Ed class.

The Hubby’s eyes continue to heal well from his cataract surgery and his eyesight has improved drastically.

And as for me, it’s pretty much been the usual.  Working my business, volunteering with the local police department and other personal volunteer stuff I do as well as running errands, doing household stuff, etc and so forth.

Ooops…  Time to run but tototally hope to catch up soon.

Well, first off, Good Morning Everyone.  Not quite light out yet but here’s a couple photos of the sunrise and sunset I captured yesterday:

Time for Tuesday Chatter (hosted by Eugenia over at Brew N Spew.  This week she’s on to the Electric 90’s…  By the 90’s I was on my way to college and when it came to music I preferred Country Music and Soft Rock Hits from the 70’s & 80 —  I still do.  Some of the music into the 90’s and beyond has been okay but I still like the oldies (guess I’m an old fogey/fuddy duddy like that 😜).

So, about my week…  I’ll try not to chatter on too much (I tend to get long-winded when I start typing)….

I believe, last week, I mentioned putting my son on an airplane to go visit grandpa; And I believe I said something about it being the first time that he’d be traveling alone as a “regular passenger”.  As expected, he did just fine both on the trip there and the trip home.  

There was only one minor glitch and it had nothing to do with how well our son did…   So Saturday, I arrive at the airport to pick up my son — Actually let me go back a bit to give you a little background info.  You see when we were getting the gate pass from the ticket agent so we could accompany our son down to the gate and assure he got on the plane okay, one of the things I had asked about was what we needed to do when it was time to pick up our son on the return trip (what we needed to do to get a gate pass).  She tells us that really all we would need is the confirmation of his flight and our I.D…. Ehhhhh Wrong!!!!  I get to the ticket counter on Saturday (the day my son arrived home) and the guy behind the counter is telling me he can’t give me a gate pass because I’m not in the reservation notes to be able to meet my son at the gate.   So now I have to stop, get out of line, call my father (son’s grandfather) so he can call the reservation line (since he was the one who made the reservations) and add my name so I can pick up my son.  Needless to say at this point I’m a bit on the stressed side.  Kind of Odd that we had no problems being able to take my son to the gate for his departure, and myfather has no problem meeting our son at the gate on the trip there nor does he have any problem accompanying him to the gate for the flight home, but someow I was having trouble this particular time -Hmmm…  I’ve got my suspicions but no way I could ever prove it.  Anyway, I get that taken care of and hurry over to the security line.  Not really a big deal there, except I was stopped so they could check the buttom of my pant leg.  It was really quick and no big deal but my first, initial, thought was “Now What”. Despite everything, I got to the gate in plenty of time to meet my son, who almost walked right passed me, as he got off the plane.  I even took this video of the plane coming up to the gate:

A good lesson….  If you are sending your older child (ie: teen) off to travel as a non-unaccompanied minor (which, btw, you can do starting at about age 15… Ohh, and btw, they can also purchase tickets around that age w/o parental approval) make sure your name and the name of whomever is picking them up on the other end is on the reservation notes.  Make sure you have all necessary documentation needed and above all double check information you receive, double check that there isn’t anything else needed (don’t trust the ticket agent to give you all the necessary info right up front.  Also, make sure you have a contingency plan, for your child and that they understand and are capable of following it —  Make sure they know what to do in the event you are unable to meet them at the gate.  We had gone over this with our son but I was still a little nerve-wracked about not meeting him since it was his first time flying in the manner.

Going to be a busy morning for me (The Wife). In about 20 minutes I’ll be joining a FB Live show (more accurately, I’ll be joining the chat/comments while watching the FB Live show).  After that, It’ll be time for me to kick off a FB Party I’m doing for the day, as well as post to another party I’m doing on Facebook…..Ohhh yeah, and there will probably be some shopping to do sometime today as food supply in the house is a bit on the low side; Though tomorrow is our big shopping day being the 1st Wednesday of the month.

So,  I better say Good-bye and sign off so I can get my next cup of coffee…  Wishign everyone a beautiful, wonderful, joy-filled, and blessed week.