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Good Morning everyone.  Just made up a cup of coffee ☕️ – My first cup of the day.

You know it’s a hot day when the sun is barely up and it’s already up to 85.  Didn’t even cool down enough for us to be open up the windows…  Doubt below 80 at all.
Busy week for us here.  Son is in summer school the next couple weeks.  Yesterday was his first day at this particular school and he said everything went quite well.  He is still receiving tutoring to help with math, which he struggle with.  Then of course there’s Martial Arts and Scouts.  Hubby had a follow-up appointment with his Podiatrist and then today he sees his Endocrinologist.  Tomorrow I head over to the eyeglass shop with my son to pick outnew glasses…..  Ohhh, almost forgot,  The Son also takes his English Final today (not at same place a summer school).  Thi week is also the  Engagement and Wedding Anniversary week for me and The Hubby.

Meekah is outside enjoying the morning warmth and sun before it gets too hot to be outside

Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed day and week.  Thank You for joining me.  Time to head on over to our host Brew N Spew – Come join me and check out what she’s got this week.  Wonder what music she’s got playing.

Joining in on the Tuesday Chatter, hosted by Eugenia over at Brew N Spew…  First off, an apology for being so late in the day getting this done.  I know I usually do my Tuesday Chatter posting first thing in the morning.  This morning, however, I had another post that I needed to finish and turned in to have it checked over for approval.  This will be posted over on my Public Safety blog once I receive approval that everything looks good.

I did attempt to sleep in a bit this morning (succeeded to some degree) and took a short nap early in the afternoon — This is in preparation for my swing shift ridealong on Thursday.  Thanks to a certain 4-legged child (Meekah KItty) I am often up sometime around 4 in the morning – not very good if you’re trying to stay up past midnight.

Miss Meekah in her hidey-hole

This week, The Son is off at Summer Camp – His 5th year going…  You could say he’s a veteran.  I’m hoping he’ll take on some leadership qualities and help the younger scouts out – He did go as a Junior Counselor last (did quite well infact) but decided not to do it this year.   I have to take a moment here to toot my “Proud Mamma” horn – Our son has decided that he wants to go ahead and try for his Eagle rank.  Previous to this he had not shown much of an interest in doing so and we haven’t been pushing it.  I know earning his Eagle rank won’t be without some difficulty.  Earning the Eagle rank can be difficult under normal circumstances and, no doubt, the autism will be an added difficulty in some ways but I believe he can do it if he applies himself and works hard.  The hardest part is mostly likely going to be spearheading (believe that’s the right word) his Eagle project….  But first there’s his Life rank to earn (hoping by the Fall Court of Honor, if not then next Spring).

Everything is pretty well status quo with The Hubby.  Dealing with usual insurance mess…  Uggghhh what a disaster – always something.

And that concludes my Tuesday Chatter for the week.  Wishing everyone a wonderful blessed week ahead. See y’all again next week

~ The Wife

Good Morning bloggy friends.  Just made up a fresh cup of coffee and can make up more to order (one serve coffee maker here).  You may find me with headphones in my ear listening to my favorite station via the phone app.  I promise I’ll remove them so I can listen to you but I do like my music.

Yesterday was a busy day for us here.  I was out the door at 8:30 in the morning for a meeting then back home by 10:30ish and back out the door at 11:00 for a 2 doctor appointments (one for hubby, one for son).  We made a couple stops on the way home.  Later in the evening was Martial Arts.  Today isn’t so bad just volunteering this morning and then Scouts in the evening.  The rest of the day is probably going to be odd projects around the house.

My ridealong with Pima Sheriff went well.  Can’t say that much happened – nothing of major excitement.  Most of the shift was pretty well routine stuff.  I’ll, perhaps, write something about it over on my Public Safety blog.  I also got the results back from my mammogram – normal.  The mammogram, itself, was no big deal (so, ladies,  if you’ve been putting off getting yours because your worried about how bad it will be – there you have it).  It was a bit of a deal for me only because of my short stature compared to the machine and trying to get everything set up properly to get a good picture….  Even then it was easy peasy and just like that done!

Saturday morning we picked up our Bountiful Baskets (click link to learn more about BB and find out if there in your area (think this is only in the U.S.)   If you go to information you can click on current location and go to your state to see what’s in your area.  The photo I took is terrible but here’s what our “basket” looked like {note:  a basket is made up of 2 – one vege, one fruit}

There are 6 items in each of the 2 smaller baskets…  This week we got Cauliflower, green Onions, small potatoes, Kale (I traded mine for another cauliflower), Romaine, Jicama (haven’t had jicama in a long time)..  For fruit we got, blackberries, tangerines, bananas, apples, limes, and lemondrop melon (which we used to make smoothies).  Each state/area is different and each week can be different but that gives you an idea.

Lastly, I want to invite you to join the Tuesday Chatter over at Brew N Spew and check out her Tuesday Chatter post this week she’s talking about 1983 (a great year for music).

With that said,  let me wish you all a wonderful and blessed week.  Catch you later.

Purposely slept in this morning… Well the best I could any way.

I’m usually up between 4:30 and 5 in the morning, sometimes earlier depending on our Miss Meekah and what time she decides she wants to be fed and let out the door for her morning walk/patrol.  This morning  I managed to stay in bed till nearly 6am, though I was up at around 5am (forget the time) for a few mintues – Meekah, as you might guess – but I did manage to go back to bed for a little while.

So the reason I was sleeping in this morning, your wondering ?!?  This morning I’m going in for my first stint at volunteering.  I know what you’re thinking —  Why try to sleep in just because of some volunteering in the morning??  How long are you going to be at that any way??  Well you see, after a quick stop back home to shove some lunch down my face and so on, I head out to do another ridealong.  This one is a swing shift so it’s gonna be a late night.  I had tried a graveyard (called Mids Shift) once – let me tell you that takes it out of you if you’re not use to it (reminder to self – you’renot in your twenties any more, LOL).

At the moment, The Hubby is sitting at his computer reading some sci-fi type book (at least I think that is the genre).  Not sure how much longer he’s up for as he’s been up all night so I’m guessing not much…  The Son is, not surprisingly, still asleep.

The boys will be on their own for breakfast this morning.  I’m eating left-overs – A pasta and tomato sauce dish.  Can’t really call it a true casserole as it’s only made up of some Rigatoni, home made marinara sauce (tomatoe paste, water and spaghetti seasoning spices – mostly basil & oregano), and some ground beef.  That’s it. Anyway, that’s breakfast.  Not sure what the boys will be having but that’s their problem (sorry, but it is)…  Sounds like it’ll either be oatmeal, grits, eggs or a combination of those.

Well the coffee is gone and it’s nearly 7am – I should say “Good Day” to you all and get myself dressed and do whatever other morning things I need to do to get myself ready to go.  Don’t forget to head on over to our host Brew N Spew to see this week’s Tuesday Chatter (Each week, she shares some fun facts a given year – This week it’s 1982).  

Before I go, here’s Meekah in from her morning patrol and ready for her early morning nap (not to be confused with her mid or late morning nap).

Good Morning to everyone.  Got coffee and breakfast – oatmeal.  I’m trying one that has different oats & grains, plus flax seed in it.  Not bad actually,  I put butter and some “No High Fructose Corn Syrup” in mine.

The hubby just went to bed, and the son is still in bed….  Miss Meekah (our kittycat) is out here with me, but she’s snoozing in her favorite spot in an office chair next to my usual living room chair.  I’m sititing here listening to KIIM-FM (99.5) – Country – on my phone.  What’s your favorite station to listen to?  What kind of station is it?  What kind of music?  Whenever my son is in the car with me, he takes over the radio tuning it to 92.9 or 94.1 both of which basically play “adult contemporary” – 94.9, more so that 92.9, does seem to play more of the music that I remember growing up with (or at least remember from my college years).

What’s been going with everyone since last week?  Not much of excitement happened around here.  Pretty much same thing as usual.  We did get the shelves put into our new bookshelves and got books put into the shelves

Pardon the ladder, and the mess on the table

Well, my coffee is pretty much gone and I’m looking at some paperwork I needto fill out for my son and a paper from last week that I need to go through and cut up…I use the puzzles and the “reader photos” to put in my letters for Soldiers Angels.  I also need to bake up a batch of cookies, or something, to ship as well.

Good Day to everyone.  Hope you have a wonderful and blessed week.  Make sure you stop on over to check out this week’s Tuesday Chatter.

Time, once again, for another Tuesday Chatter….  And here I am trying to think of something to chat about.  None of us here are very chatty (though The Hubby would disagree when it comes to me.  I’m sure he thinks I talk way too much.  Oh sure, we talk about stuff – all kinds of stuff – but we’re not a super talkative type of family.

Ohhh my, where are my manners?!?  Would you like a cup of coffee?  I just made up some.  It’s early, even for me – Usually I’m just getting up about now.  Miss Meekah is lying in one of her favorite spots next to me.

Terrible picture, – I’m sorry.  That black lump (if you can see it), in the chair next to me, is Meekah.  She was wanting out earlier but is resting peacefully – for now.  She is quite social in terms of wanting to be where we’re at but she’s not much of a talker (unless she’s wanting food, wanting out, or telling us we need to go to bed) and not a real playful type – though she loves playing with bottle caps and rubber bands.

Enough of my senseless chatter.  What’s going on in your neck of the woods?  Be sure and join in the weekly Tuesday Chatter with our wonderful host Eugenia.

Good Morning 🙂.  Another Tuesday has arrived.  Come join me for a Cup of Joe and listen to some Country (KIIM-FM) one of my favorite stations.

For some exciting news (pretty sure I’ve probably mentioned these in passing before)…  The Son will be receiving his Star Rank at the Court of Honor this weekend.  The other cool news is finding out I am now officially a part of the police volunteers.  Still have the training to do, but most of that is OJT (or rather OVT – On the Volunteer Training😂).

Today is looking to be wet and dreary.  We were suppose to have gotten some ThunderStorms last night – If we did, it didn’t wake me up.  Also looks like my day will be filled with, mostly, phone calls and stopping at a couple stores.  That and stopping at another school to check it out as a possiblity for The Son for next year…  Long story there.  We had actually considered it before but it wasn’t met with great approval by others involved (not getting into that).

Well that’s my Tuesday Chatter…  What’s yours?  What’s going on in your day? week?

Tuesday Chatter is hosted by Eugenia over at Brew’N’Spew