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Having trouble thinking of things to put down…  I mean it’s not as if things are going terribly for us, but nothing stands out being as extra smile-worthy.  Life around here pretty much just is – Not good bad, Not bad just is.

Well one thing we can, cautiously, smile about is that a bit of a situation we had to deal with here looks as if it is going to work out ok.  I’ll tell you, though, there was a bit stress running through our veins.

Another “smile” is that we are go for The Pappa’s cataract surgery next Tuesday.  He also has transportation to get to the follow up appointment the following day.

I’m also smiling because I’ll be going on another ridealong come Monday.  It’ll be the same station as before but a different shift.  Looking forward to an interesting and educational time.  No matter what, I’m sure they’ll be lots for me to learn.

Keep smiling.  See y’all next week.

Weekly Smile is hosted by Trent over at Trents World (The Blog)

It wasn’t until I read Trent’s Weekly Coffee Share post and saw where he had posted the Weekly Smile that I realized ‘Shoot, I almost missed it (I’d say that I knew there was something I was missing, but it totally and completely slipped my mind).

OK, so time to start thinking of what we had to smile about this week….

My son went on a zipline campout this week.  Personally, I could never do that – I’d be to freaked out.  Him going on this campout sort of brings back a memory of a time when he was a lot younger (I forget now how old he was) and he went on a ride at an amusement park.  It wsa one of those rides where you sit in a swing and go around and around and as you do so you go up and out

Photo not mine – found via google

I was worried that he might decide he didn’t like the ride and try to get off.  I’ll be honest, my heart was in my throat until the ride was over and the swings came back down.  You’d think I was the one on the ride.  My son, on the other hand had had a great time and was ready to do it again.  Guess we’ll find out it a little while about the Zipline adventure (though he sounds like he’s in a good mood).

I’m going on my first mids (midnight shift) ridealong with my local police department tonight.

As for The Hubby,  I don’t really know what  his smile would be for this week.  Not really much going on with him this last week.

Well, time for me to run so later y’all.  Have a great week and SMILE!!

We’ve missed some Weekly Smiles around here.

So what’s been going on around here?  What do we have to smile about…Welll…. Hmmmm….With lives as boring (or seemingly boring) as ours are, there really isn’t much for me to mention.  Life generally just seems to just, well, happen…

The son has pretty well completed both his physics and history courses for the year (as you will recall he is doing his classes through Bringham Young University (as I wrote about here). He now has a copy of the book he needed for english and is making progress there.

I’ll be doing my 3rd Mary Kay Party party this month on Facebook.  A bit of a “Frown”,  the last party did not go as well as I might hope – it seemed to lack luster (it happens sometimes) – but I’m ready to jump in and and go again with my next party and am looking forward to it.  Plus,  I’ll be hosting a Pampered Chef party for a friend (also on Facebook).    Who’s excited?  This Girl (The Wife)…Party Time!!!

So now, The Hubby –   It may seem ironical that I would mention this as a “smile” but The Hubby is due to be getting cataract surgery  before too long.  The good news is that cataract surgeries, these days, are a fairly simple & easy procedure done in the doctors office in just a few minutes and the results will (or should) allow his to see things more clearly.

Pretty sure Meekah is smiling about resting in her favorite chair. She seems to get out of sorts when the chair is not in it’s usual locale

So there are our Smiles for this last week.  Wishing you all a blessed week filled with many smiles.

I’ve decided to move, starting today, my Weekly Smile posts over here to my Life Happens at the Carrs blog.  

So what did I have, or rather we – as this is the family blog, have to smile about.  Well I can tell you my son took one of his unit(?) quizzes for math through BYU (Bringham Young Univercity) and got a 90+% on it.   I should offer a bit of explanation about him doing BYU. Due to circumstances that I won’t get into, he is doing online schooling with IEP support being done through the charter school he was going attending.  The online schooling is going quite well for him.  He’s been motivated to get on the computer and get to work.  Only thing we have to watch out for is that he doesn’t rush through and try to do half a years worth of school work in a month or less and that he is #1 actually learning something (not just rote memorization) & #2 that he is doing well on his quizzes/tests.

Another smile – I went to a Mary Kay unit meeting yesterday.  This particular one was mainly a skincare class for guests followed by recognitions and such.  I am told that they usually have a training session but that this particular week was done differently.  Even with the skincare class instead of “training” I learned something.  I also won a cute little bag for Miss Mary Kay image.

So that’s what we’ve had to smile about this week.  I wish you all a wonderful, blessed, and peaceful weekend.